Eye contour and tanning: how to eliminate dark circles


How do you fight post-tanning dark circles? Here is a simple vademecum that explains what they depend on and what to do to make them go away

The dark circles represent a very common imperfection. Usually these are real halos around the eyes of a purplish, brownish or blueish color.

To understand how to remedy this annoyance, you need to understand what it depends on and if there are habits to be eliminated or changed to look healthier and fresher.

What dark circles can depend on

Dark circles can depend on causes also very different from each other and understanding what they are is already the first step to eliminate them and recover a more florid and luminous wax.

dark circles

Let’s see which are the main ones:

  • poor circulation;
  • an unregulated lifestyle, with a lack of sleep that inevitably also affects the physical appearance;
  • genetic factors;
  • exposure to sunlight without the use of adequate protection.

Let’s focus on this last aspect, because it is very common to forget to carefully protect the eye area, and it is a serious mistake!

Eye contour and tan: a relationship of hate and love

Tanning is often said to be a very effective remedy for dark circles under the eyes. This is because the tan increases the pigmentation of the area. In other words, the color difference between the bluish eye and the skin around it is much less evident.

However, this does not mean that you can expose yourself to the sun without protecting the eye area, quite the contrary. If you want to promote even color on your face, you can use an eye stick with SPF 50.

Remember that the concealer to be applied during the summer season must be darker than usual. To choose the right shade, check the color of the neck.

Do not use tanner

Absolutely banned, to eliminate or contrast any dark circles, is theself-tanner. Instead of making your skin more golden and less gray around the eye, as you might think, you risk accentuating the blue, purple or brown shades even more.

Apply products to reactivate microcirculation in the eye contour area

Opt for specific eye contour products that contain active ingredients aimed at increase blood microcirculation local.
These are cosmetics that usually contain dihydroxyacetone, a particular substance that creates a surface color by mixing with the amino acids present in the skin.

eye contour cream

The cucumber on the eye is not just an iconic image

In the collective imagination, when we think of skincare, very often we all see a face full of cream and two eyes covered by cucumbers. Perhaps the very fact that this image is so widespread makes many people doubt about the actual effectiveness of the treatment.

In fact, it is a “grandmother’s remedy” very effective. These vegetables, in fact, are extremely soothing and allow to decongest dark circles. Furthermore, they contain mineral salts, vitamins (C and K above all) and other extremely beneficial substances. The high concentration of water present in the vegetables brings the right degree of hydration to the area. Not to be underestimated, then, the lightening virtues, which ensure an attenuation of the purple color on dark circles.

To get a satisfying result, hold the cucumber slices over your eyes for a while 15 to 20 minutes. Even better if you use them after keeping them in the fridge and then having them cooled down properly.

cucumber on eyes

Make an eye contour mask

Get rid of dark post-tan dark circles by making a beautiful one eye contour mask. Usually, they are localized treatments that bring immediate well-being to the eye contour. The area appears visibly brighter, soothed and hydrated.

On the market the proposals are so many and different, let’s see together what they consist of.

Gel masks for a refreshing effect

The eye masks with gel texture they are substantially aqueous. Their main function, in fact, is to re-establish a correct level of skin hydration. In addition, of course, to reduce the dark color of the area caused by tanning.
The most common ingredients contained in these products are retinol, vitamin C, watermelon. The effect is a wonderful sense of freshness which makes them especially appreciated during the warmer months.

mask against dark circles

Cream eye masks to take care of dry skin

For an effective hydration booster for dry skin, which tends to become even drier during sun exposure, opt for a cream eye contour mask. This product, which can be very pleasant to keep on all night, letting it act calmly, not only deeply nourishes the eye area, but reduces that dark color that can appear after sunbathing.

There are also some products on the market with dual function: they are born as moisturizers for the eye contour, but can be kept in place for some time as masks. Two benefits in one jar!

Eye patch for a quick and practical treatment

Very useful to use for a decongestant and lightening treatment of dark circles, are the eye patches. You can find them in perfumeries, but also in the supermarket, in the “patch” version in the shape of a crescent, to be taken out of the bag and applied very easily. Usually they should be kept in place for a quarter of an hour / twenty minutes and release some nutrients.

eye patch

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