Eye contour and tan: how to defend it under the sun


Summer rhymes with tan. But also with the damage that the sun can cause if you do not protect the skin well and, in particular, the most sensitive areas such as the eye contour. So here are all the tricks to not have to give up tanning while preserving the beauty and well-being of your eyes.

That the desire to get a tan in the summer is great (at least for most of us) is quite well known. Much less so is the fact that our skin, in order to fully enjoy the sun’s rays and reach the much-loved tan without being damaged, it must be protected. Especially where the skin is more thin and sensitive, for example, around the eyes. A particularly delicate area of ​​the face, not only for the very thin thickness of the skin, but also for the bad habits to which this area is subjected.

Like, for example, the classic rubbing of the eyes when hit directly by sunlight. All factors that can alter its balance, favoring its damage and wrinkle formation. But how, then, to get the much loved tan while preserving health and beauty of our eye area? Simple, protecting it. Following a few but fundamental precautions to be adopted immediately and maintained throughout the summer and beyond.

Wear sunglasses

The first way to protect the eye contour from the harmful action of UV rays (and from all other external agents that can compromise health) is to wear a nice pair of sunglasses. Not only while you are on the beach or in the pool, but also in the city, during a walk or bike ride. Or even simply while you are drinking a coffee blissfully sitting with friends at a nice outdoor table. In short, every time you are kissed by the sunlight.

The ideal is to opt for some polarized lenses (to be purchased in a specialized shop) and large enough to cover the entire eye contour. An opportunity to indulge yourself in choosing the model you like best, showing off a super trendy look and ensuring maximum protection and beauty for your eye area. In every season of the year.

eye contour glasses

Option b, green light for hats

Another way not to give up tanning while protecting your eye contour, then, is to use hats. With a visor, during beach volleyball games, or with a wide straw head, while sipping an aperitif on the beach. One way to always be protected and with a beach look to be envied to anyone who observes you. In short, what more do you want?

eye contour hat

Eye contour and sun protection

As with the rest of the body, a good layer of sun protection must also be applied to the eye contour. Obviously opting for a specific product for the face (and therefore with a high SPF factor) to be used at least 20/30 minutes before exposure to the sun and to be put back several times a day. Especially after swimming in the sea or in the pool. A good habit from include in your beauty routine summer and to be maintained also during the other seasons. But not only.

eye contour protection

More protection every day

Given the sensitivity and delicacy of the part it is good to learn how to use specific products for the eye area, to be used every day to protect them from the sun’s rays (as they can make them dry and rough). And able to always keep them well hydrated and soft. A small step of sure effectiveness to add to your daily skincare.

eye cream

Never forget to remove your make-up

AND when we talk about skincare we also mean the very important moment of removing make-up. A passage that must never be overlooked (no, not even if you return at three in the morning after a party on the beach). And that must be done with delicacy, as much as the eye contour is, and with specific products. For remove all traces of make-up and let the skin breathe and regenerate overnight.

eye contour remove make-up

Consume more vitamins

When it comes to skin care and in particular the most sensitive areas such as the eye contour, a fundamental element, especially in summer, concerns nutrition. For this reason, in order not to have to give up the much loved tan, it is good to add to your diet foods rich in vitamins, especially fruits and vegetables, which help eyesight and fight free radicals. Among the most suitable are:

  • lettuce;
  • oranges;
  • yellow peppers;
  • beets;
  • corn.

But also eggs and in general all foods rich in zeaxanthin and lutein, a substance that help keep your eyes healthy and beautiful. Without ever forgetting to drink lots and lots of water!

eye contour vitamins

Protect the eye area with a nice massage

Finally, to be able to relax in the sun and show off an amazing tan but without compromising the health of our eye contour, it is good to adopt another good (and very sweet) habit, self-massage. A pampering of well-being for your eye area that helps the part to better absorb products that you will apply to it, increasing its effect.

To do this, you just need:

  • press with the fingertips (index, middle and ring fingers) from the inside near the nose, to the outside up to the temple. By lingering on this area with a more intense and long pressure. All by performing a rotary movement;
  • then, opening the gaze more, you have to tease your eyebrows for a few seconds with your thumb and forefinger. From the inside out.

A true good for the eye area, at any time of the year. Which together with the other tips described, allow you to sunbathe in peace. To show off a fairytale tan is one gaze (and an eye contour) healthy, bright and beautiful. Like you and like your summer!

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