Exfoliating loofah sponge: all the benefits


Natural, hypoallergenic and biodegradable, the loofah sponge it is the accessory with which to take care of one’s beauty without losing sight of respect for the environment. It’s about a vegetable sponge which represents an ecological solution for cleanse ed exfoliate the skin of the whole body.

Extracted from the fruits of loofah plant, these sponges are easy to self-produce and have a low environmental impact. In fact, used instead of common synthetic sponges, they can be recycled and reused several times. Just think that this particular type of vegetable sponges do not mold and last over time, they can be used together with other products and squeezed without losing their shape and compactness.

In short, a sustainable and totally natural solution that you can use to take care of your body.

Loofah sponge: what it is and how it is made

loofah spongeLoofah plant

This type of natural sponge is obtained from cylindrical Luffa, which is a vegetable similar to courgette belonging to the cucurbit family. This plant produces fruits whose shape resembles that of cucumbers and courgettes and which are edible when still unripe.

There loofah it is a vegetable of oriental origin, particularly widespread also in Italy on the islands and in the south due to the warm climate which facilitates its growth and drying.

The natural loofah sponge is obtained from the drying of its fruits, with a very simple procedure that involves their exposure to the sun until they become dry. Once dried, the loofah fruits turn into a decomposed and fibrous pulp with an abrasive action that will make up the sponge.

The final product looks like a cylinder of different sizes with a dense and hard texture that can be used for cosmetic use or at home when it has exhausted its original hard consistency.

What is the loofah sponge used for?

loofah sponge

The main feature of the loofah sponge is its own fibrous tissue which makes it perfect like natural exfoliant. Being a natural product and hypoallergenic can be used on all types of skin (including sensitive skin) as it produces a light exfoliation.

It can be massaged on the face and body to eliminate dead skin cells, allowing the skin to regenerate and appear brighter and more cared for. In fact, it can also be used when cleaning the face for one natural scrub ready to use.

Furthermore, massaging the body (especially legs, buttocks and hips) with the loofah sponge will stimulate the circulatory system allowing more blood flow. In fact, those who often have tired and swollen legs can massage the skin with a loofah sponge can be a valid help.

The loofah sponge can be used to prepare the skin for hair removal or to remove ingrown hair. It can be passed dry or moistened on the areas to be depilated in such a way as to free the hairs from the skin that occludes them and to be easily removed.

Loofah sponge: how to use it for exfoliation?

The loofah sponge is best known for its exfoliating action which turns out to be delicate and light. But how to use it for exfoliation?

  1. Start brushing the sponge on dry skin;
  2. subsequently, wet the skin and moisten the sponge, adding an exfoliating gel;
  3. at this point, it will be possible to massage the whole body with circular movements, avoiding unnecessary pressure;
  4. rinse with warm water;
  5. finally, apply a moisturizer to avoid a dry skin effect.

Loofah sponge: 5 products to buy

The loofah sponge is a vegetable that can be easily grown at home in jars to have a 100% natural beauty product always at hand. For those who do not want to put their green thumb to the test, you can buy it in organic shops, flea markets or online sites.

Here you can find it not only in its original version but also in the form of gloves or real sponges.

To be used together with a soap

MYTHOS natural loofah spongeMYTHOS natural loofah sponge

Ideal for face scrub

A type of completely natural loofah sponge with a fibrous texture that makes it perfect for exfoliating the body. Together with soap or a moisturizing product it guarantees greater cleansing and skin care

€ 18 on Amazon

Also suitable for house cleaning

Natural loofah sponges setNatural loofah sponges set

Ideal for washing the body

The loofah sponge is the vegetable sponge suitable for body care and which can also be used for household cleaning. Its natural exfoliating action allows you to smooth the skin in a light and delicate way

€ 11 on Amazon

Suitable as a sponge for washing dishes

Sponges for Exfoliating Scrub - Natural Luffa MaterialSponges for Exfoliating Scrub - Natural Luffa Material

ideal for exfoliating the skin

The loofah sponge pads are easy-to-use and ready-to-use cosmetic products to make a face scrub, to wash the body in the shower without damaging the skin

€ 10 on Amazon

Suitable for all skin types

3 Pieces of Natural Loofah Abrasive Sponge3 Pieces of Natural Loofah Abrasive Sponge

Ideal for body and home care

Vegetable and hypoallergenic sponge with which to take care of your beauty in full respect of the environment. It can be reused several times without losing its original shape. Suitable for all skin types

15 € on Amazon

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