Everyone talks about Zara’s ‘curvy’ model (and this new collection midi skirt that costs less than 13 euros and looks great in large sizes)


The sales are the protagonists of our January purchases, there is no doubt about that. We have found in Lefties dresses for less than 4 euros, we have started to create spring looks with these bargains from Uterqüe and we have even indulged ourselves a few luxurious whims. However, when entering Zara and seeing that its ‘sales’ section (with very cheap purchases like these) had been displaced by the new collection, we could not avoid entering to browse. And what little surprises we have!

The first thing that catches your attention when seeing what is new from Zara is the model that stars in most of her looks, Paloma Elsesser, a curvy top champion of the movement ‘body positive‘, a novelty in the firm’s lookbook. Thanks to her, we have looked at the outfits that best suit curvy women and that, curiously, are the first to are running out in the larger sizes (If by ‘large sizes’ we can understand an L or an XL from Zara, but that is another matter).

It is precisely Paloma Elsesser who is wearing the garment that has made us check five times if we were really in the new collection section or had returned to the sales out of inertia. And it is that among the proposals of Zara has sneaked a super versatile and comfortable midi skirt in organic cotton with elastic waistband that costs less than 13 euros.

Yes, as you read it, a new collection skirt for exactly 12.95 euros that gives us endless possibilities in our urban style looks: available in six colors (black, aqua, pastel green, pistachio, ecru and ice white), we love it with sneakers and matching sweatshirts and crop tops that Zara has to get an ‘athleisure’ look; but also with basic t-shirts and track sole boots or, in an unexpected twist, with Mens inspired white shirts and loafers.

Could this already be the best comfortable buy of the season?

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