Eugenia Silva has the most beautiful jersey of all Massimo Dutti that we are going to buy these sales


Although some low cost firms have already launched their sales, as in Mango, in H&M or in Sfera, you still have time to reach other garments that still do not have discounts and are about to have them. As the sweater what Eugenia Silva has taken on Instagram to celebrate the Twelfth Night that reminded us of another cheap Zara sweater that he wore last December but this time with a more original design and the older brother of the Inditex firm: Massimo Dutti.

Eugenia Silva has combined a trick braided hairstyle to achieve an immediate lifting effect along with a wool jersey in ecru with a high neck, ribbed trim and, attention, short sleeve (Are we on trend for spring 2021?) And flowing black pants.

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A super look comfortable and flattering to be at home and that we will copy for when halftime arrives. The bad news is that the sweater worn by the top model is totally Exhausted. The good news is that we have found the same model on the Massimo Dutti website but in a Different color that feels great: in Gray anthracite.

An original and perfect sweater to wear every day of the week from the office to home. Either with jeans, with suit pants or with midi skirts and with all kinds of footwear (boots, ankle boots, moccasins …). You can also add some accessories such as a thin belt that will give the final touch of personality to any look.

wool sweater with high neck and short sleeves.  Ref. 5674/557.

wool sweater with high neck and short sleeves. Ref. 5674/557.

And most importantly: it is reduced from 89.95 euros to 69.95 euros and you can find it in sizes XS-S or ML. Don’t let it run out too!

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