Empowered woman and mother, this is the message behind Rocío Carrasco’s pink suit


Rocio CarrascoAfter more than two decades without making a public statement, he broke his silence with a documentary secretly recorded and broadcast in several chapters by Mediaset. A fact that has meant a before and after in the world of the pink press and that has raised a media stir that has reached politics. Blows during pregnancy, gaslighting, infidelities … Rocío Jurado’s daughter has exposed on television her version of what she experienced during her marriage with Antonio David with statements that have questioned gender violence and has done so with a style that, yes, also hides a powerful message behind.

We do not know if it is a random choice, if it is a look that has the hand of a stylist behind it or if it is an option decided solely and exclusively by Rocío, but the truth is that The pink suit that the daughter of ‘the oldest’ wears during the docuseries has given much to talk about. The clothes chosen for moments as decisive as the one Rocío is experiencing are usually previously studied and meditated and it seems that she wanted to convey a powerful message with his style with which provide truthfulness and credibility to the confessions that he has detailed and that yes, they have been questioned. In fact, the documentary starts with a series of detailed shots of that set of pink jacket and pants, thus demonstrating that plays an important role in this harsh testimony.

The meaning of the color pink

Jesús Reyes, fashion journalist and CEO of CoolHunting Madrid Comunicación explains that Rocío’s look is full of signs, hidden messages and connotations: “Pink is the color of femininity, the color par excellence that in our culture and society is identified and directly associated with women; being, moreover, in a more striking fuchsia tone and easier for viewers to interpret. It is a simple formula to launch a message of sensitivity, put the viewer in context and interpret it in a faster the speech that Rocío Carrasco narrates about her role as a woman and a mother “.

The masculinity of a suit and the power of a cleavage

However, apparently, it is not only the fuchsia color that has been strategically chosen, but also the cut of the suit with elephant leg pants and blazer with shoulder pads. “This cut, in addition to favoring the silhouette of Rocío Jurado’s daughter, empowers her as a woman. It is a visual way, in my way of interpreting it, of putting her face to face with the male sector. The suits arm, give body, they make you look stronger …. “, adds Jesús Reyes.

Anitta Ruiz, journalist, image consultant and fashion expert considers that there are two elements to highlight in Rocío’s look: “On the one hand, pink, which is a very powerful, positive color, which speaks of love, however, even though it is a feminine tonality, the fact that he chose fuchsia is closer to strength than to romanticism. ” On the other hand, Anitta highlights and analyzes the V-neckline of the black top that she wears underneath: “It is said that when women feel bad they try to hide through their clothes and in this case, they do the opposite, they use a very low neckline. flattering and very powerful, in addition to the heels. It is a very strong and very flattering look that says: ‘I’m here, aware that I am and I want my grip to be noticed’ “. A detail that also coincides with Jesús Reyes: “The black color gives visual strength, elegance, credibility and security. Every detail of his style adds up and counts to give his speech truth and power.”

The importance of body posture

“It is also quite significant how she feels and how she moves during the interview. There are times when she is sitting cross-legged as if she were at home and that is a credit to the interviewers who have made her feel super comfortable” explains Anitta, showing off the self-confidence that Rocío has shown. “And then when he cries a lot or gets angry, he takes his body out of the chair, leans on his heels and leans forward,” he also explains, “highlighting the difference between two attitudes.

We do not know if these interpretations are as the experts explain or it is simply a styling the result of chance. But the truth is that her image has been analyzed in detail, including her hair – she maintains the same cut she has worn in recent years – and her jewelry – which, as Jesús Reyes says, “it is possible that some of them belong to her. mother, Rocío Jurado “- and together they give rise to a image of female empowerment with which Rocío wanted to provide truthfulness to her testimony.

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