Eliminate blackheads in a month, here is the recipe that is popular on the net


She was full of blackheads on her nose but managed to get rid of them and now this Reddit user explains how she did it. It took her 4 weeks to have a smooth and clean nose. The photos of the before and after are crazy and in fact they have made the network users go crazy who now want to follow the example of the girl and copy her … The girl, whose username is known only – yoofka – posted the photos of the before and after the care and unveiled the special care that magically transformed her skin. The change is truly incredible. If before her pores were blocked by hundreds of spots, she now has a peach skin. When he posted those images, the net users went haywire: but how did he do it? The girl then explains her tactics. After confessing that her daily beauty routine, albeit specific to treat blackheads, hadn’t helped her much, she revealed the beauty products she started using that really made a difference. We all know that facial cleansing is essential for having a smooth face. Here it is. Read on after the photo


Yoofka revealed that she uses a charcoal cleanser to wash her face, specifically the Akaran Moisture Lotion with collagen. Then the hyaluronic acid tonic then, to hydrate the skin, use an organic calendula cream. The products she used before, which were specific for the treatment of blackheads, only made the situation worse by making her feel frustrated. This is why she decided to completely change her beauty routine, a choice that turned out to be a good choice given the results obtained. In a month her skin looks different and she is finally happy. Of course, in the morning there are many ” operations ” to do, as many as 6. And we will list them in detail. Read on after the photos

First, she removes all traces of make-up with a cleansing oil, then uses a green tea exfoliant, then another cleanser to cleanse the skin. Then dry your face well, apply the tonic and then the calendula cream that we told you above. Once a week apply a fabric mask to the face. ” My skin, in my entire life, has never been so perfect and free of imperfections ”. For the uninitiated, blackheads are caused by fat and dead cells that clog pores. When these things accumulate, they become very visible. And it’s not enough to crush them, you know it well. Why blackheads will come back every time… After her post, the girl was inundated with questions. Are you interested in trying? Well, you have all the ” ingredients ” …

“Removes hundreds of them.” You can officially say goodbye to blackheads – here’s the DIY mask that gets rid of them all in one fell swoop. Trying is mandatory

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