Elegant hairstyles: the most chic hairstyles of 2020


If we told you that to achieve a hairstyle of great visual effect is it not necessary to wear very long hair? You can be sure it’s true: i too medium and short hair, so carefree and practical, they will not be able to give upelegance of a hairstyle tailor-made for them.

It seems that the spring / summer trends of the current year see the undisputed protagonists braiding. In fact, they are the most versatile for every length and almost every type of hair, from the silky smooth to the indomitable curl.

Furthermore, these hairstyles may be suitable for every occasion: from weddings and other social events to a simple day of work or university.

Elegant hairstyles for long hair

elegant hairstylesSide braid example. Source: Web

Long hair can be subjected to almost any technique styling, from harvest (like chignon and tails) to semi-harvest, but without casting a shadow on very romantic braids. Let’s see some examples.

Hairstyles with braids

The so-called French braid gives a very jaunty result, as well as being particularly popular in the latter period. Voluminous and of great impact, you certainly won’t go unnoticed.
There fishbone braidon the contrary, it gives a very elegant and in some ways retro tone to the long hair. It also constitutes a base for flawless crops and soft semi-crops, perfect for any occasion.

Of course, it doesn’t end here, because with braids it is really possible to create many versatile hairstyles, like the asymmetrical braid is lateral, so you don’t miss anything.

Ponytail hairstyles

Who had ever said that you could give panache to such a simple hairstyle? Password: movement is fantasy.
Green light to intertwining e side tails, which frame and soften the facial features, or a high tails for a more glamorous result. Do not forget the potential of the low tail, obviously soft, to immediately have a chic and vintage aura.

Ponytail: some ideas to copy

We recommend …

Ponytail: some ideas to copy

Are you in a hurry and don’t know how to fix your hair? Then choose the ponytail! This hairstyle, in addition to being trendy, simplifies …

Hairstyles with collected and semi-collected hair

To get a soft and elegant semi-crop, arm yourself with a curling iron that will allow you to create the waves. Then, braid the locks on the side of the garment into a single braid or into two braids in a fishbone, French style or as you like.
The accessories, such as flowers or beads, are that extra touch for special occasions.

Hairstyles for medium and short hair

elegant hairstylesSource: Web

THE short and medium cuts that can best be styled are the pixie and the helmet. The latter in particular can be subjected to a large variety of hairstyles.
Needless to repeat: even here we will see our loved ones return with great fanfare braiding.

Hairstyles with braids

Whether it is French, Dutch or lateral, the braid is an essential element for the rendering of a fine and elegant hairstyle. Even for those who wear hair shaved sideways, the simple detail of the braid manages to give harmony to the face. To create these looks you can use a straightener, bobby pins and a hairspray with a good hold.

If you have short hair and you like it soft crops, this is the ideal solution: just create curls using a curling iron, and then fix them with hairpins in such a way as to create a soft chignon. To finish, pull your hair back, close everything at the nape and leave the length loose at the neck.

Collected hairstyles

Not only on long hair, but we have seen that even on medium and short hair you can make beautiful chignon, enriched with details and accessories such as clothespins and hairpins. The more this crop is “disheveled”And messy, the more original and sparkling it will be. Don’t forget the factor though softness.

If we have intrigued you, continue browsing the gallery: we are sure that you will be enchanted by so much simplicity and elegance.

Elegant 2020 hairstyles: here are some examples for all lengths

Source: Web

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