Eight looks so that the return to the office is less hard (although it seems impossible)


The goodbyes are always hard, more if saying goodbye means not seeing in many months summer time. Although our mind may be a little saturated – a little alone – from the high temperatures and everything that summer means, the truth is that back to routine It can be done uphill (normal). Today we show you different outfits perfect for go to the office giving off style that will make you forget, momentarily, of that anguish that the rentrée.

Skirt and blazer, a beautiful love story

The blazer is the best jacket for these days of neither cold nor hot and combining it with an asymmetrical skirt becomes a great success. Choose to wear an asymmetric version so that the result rubs perfection.

Looks Office Style 03

Breaking the rules

Although many do not see it that way, breaking the rules is sometimes fine. Create strange combinations and dare to be original. An example? Wear your blazer below the pants waistband and you will achieve an extra touch.

Looks Office Style 04

A different two pieces

The two pieces are always perfect to go to the office and those versions that have something different become our favorites. Bet on a printed set, in a striking color or in an XL cut.

Looks Office Style 02

Looks Office Style 05

Looks Office Style 01

Looks Office Style 06

Which of these options convinces you the most?

Photos | IMaxTree, Instagram @ninasandbech, @_jeanettemadsen_, @aimeesong, @brittanyxavier

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