Edy Guimarães Estética launches Detox Power for summer


Parties and eating are associated with the end of the year, however, to enter the summer in a healthier way, the tip is to bet on a good detox. For this, the clinic Edy Guimarães Aesthetics presents the Detox Power which is a combination of solutions that help to completely detoxify the body and skin and thus contribute to the beauty and health as a whole.

Detox Power is primarily a strategy that combines exclusive detox diet, coupled with Face Detox Power and Body Detox Power procedures. Together, the three solutions promote a toxin-free and healthier skin. “Especially these treatments can be done when the patient is on a detox diet. That is, we advise doing it at the same time because, with diet and the elimination of toxins, the skin tends to become oily, becoming more seborrheic, ”explains the beautician and cosmetologist Edy Guimarães.

Edy Guimarães Aesthetics in São Paulo
Edy Guimarães Aesthetics

Detox Power Face

Aiming to eliminate toxins by promoting a well-groomed, rested skin appearance, the protocol combines manual lymphatic drainage with clay therapy. Face Detox Power brings more firmness, improves texture and blood circulation. "Lymphatic drainage will promote tissue oxygenation and nutrition, drain excess fluid, promote a lifting effect, softening dark circles and expression lines," explains Edy Guimarães. “To promote detoxification we use clay therapy with detoxifying and draining actives such as green tea, hibiscus and chamomile. They are active with soothing, moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory action, favoring cell renewal, moisturizing and improving the texture of the skin. ”

Face Detox can be done once a week or fortnightly, or according to the client's skin needs.

Body Detox Power

Suitable for those who suffer from water retention or are in the process of losing weight, Body Detox Power helps in eliminating excess fluids. The protocol also helps to eliminate toxins retained in the body immediately. “Thus, the treatment is great to prepare for the summer or after giving that exaggerated diet,” says Edy Guimarães.

The procedure treats cellulite and localized fat by combining body treatments. This is because high power ultrasound, for example, will cause fat to emulsify. Following, the modeling massage or manual lymphatic drainage will promote the permeation of the products in the skin, stimulating the lymphatic system. Clay has the unique role of enhancing the treatment, acting in the removal of toxins and sodium retained in the tissue. We wrap the client in the thermal blanket to increase the absorption of the assets, where heat waves will potentiate the entire process, accelerating the metabolism, inducing sweating to eliminate retained liquids, keeping the circulation always active.

Body Detox Power sessions can be done 1 to 3 times per week, according to the client's needs.

Edy Guimarães Estética is located at Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1545 – 5th floor, in Vila Nova Conceição, in São Paulo. For more information, call (11) 3846-5625 and (11) 94849-6888.

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