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The force of nature at the service of beauty for a moment of relaxation that rhymes with “green”. Today, making conscious choices with a low environmental impact is possible, choosing accessories made from recycled materials for the beauty routine. From skincare to hair products, in the gallery the green news to keep an eye on

What are green tools and why prefer them to the classic ones

Extremely trendy and now present in almost all collections, i “green” beauty accessories they are made with recycled or natural materials, thus allowing you to reduce the consumption of plastic and disposable materials.

Come on reusable cotton pads to natural wood brushes, for some years now the beauty empire has been taking important steps towards a new ecological vision of products, which takes care of both your beauty and the planet at the same time.

Among the first eco-sustainable beauty accessories Having made most people’s eyes open and becoming trendy, bamboo toothbrushes cut down on plastic pollution considerably.

Just think that each of us each year consumes about 4-5 toothbrushes: figures that seem harmless but that end up in landfills 300 toothbrushes each over a lifetime of 80 years. This first example shows how much choosing eco-sustainable products for your daily beauty routine is now a fundamental choice.

Natural and eco-sustainable sponges: all crazy for the Dry Brush

Loved by celebrities from all over the world, from Cindy Crawford to Miranda Kerr, il dry brush is a dry brushing technique that promises smooth, blemish-free skin. Suitable for both the body and the face, there are now many brands that create brushes in natural fibers derived from plants such as Beech tree is cactus fiber.

For silky-soft skin it is essential to dedicate yourself to this massage 5-10 minutes a day before showering. The easiest tools are those with a handle, while the more experienced ones can directly use those only in the shape of a brush. The important thing is to perform a delicate but firm massage, which stimulates the skin but does not irritate it.

After the shower, our advice is to apply an oil or a body cream, for moisturize the skin and enhance the silky effect.

Combs and wooden brushes, why are they good?

Maybe not everyone knows that, wooden combs and brushes have great benefits on the foliage. To be used on all hair types, from curly to straight, they do not tear hair, distribute natural sebum and eliminate frizz.

Everyone now knows that i curly hair they should be combed only when wet and with a wide-toothed wooden comb. Try using a wooden comb you will notice that your curly hairstyle will be even more defined and supple. This happens because the wooden comb eliminates knots and facilitates the detachment of the strands, neutralizing the static nature of the hair.

The wooden comb is also ideal if you have straight hair, but in this case you can use two different ones: the first with wide teeth to remove knots, while during drying it is better to use one with narrow teeth, in order to obtain a perfect smooth silk and avoid a frizzy and puffy finish.

How to clean wooden combs?

Being natural products i wooden combs they need to be treated with more love than classic plastic brushes in order to keep them in top condition.

  • Remove the hair stuck to the comb
  • In a basin, add a little liquid soap to the water
  • Leave the comb to soak for at least 30 min
  • Use a toothbrush to clean every corner of the comb, especially between the teeth
  • Rinse it with cold water and dry it with a clean cloth, then let it air dry completely

Green skincare routine: from washable cotton pads to konjac sponge

Also for what concerns the skincare routine and the face cleansing today it is possible to make ecological and green choices. Among the disposable products to be replaced thus avoiding waste, we immediately find the cotton pads they are among the most polluting products there are.

Cotton, to be used in the medical and cosmetic fields, must undergo chemical bleaching processes and is also one of the most polluting non-differentiable waste, as it is very difficult to manage. The green turning point are precisely i washable cotton pads. Easy to use, they can be washed both by hand and in the washing machine, last up to 300 times and are soft on the skin.

There Konjac sponge is a 100% vegetable and totally biodegradable beauty tool that can be used to cleanse the face, morning and evening. The pH of this sponge is alkaline and is therefore perfect for rebalancing the acidity of the skin, making it brighter and healthier. On the market there are various types and colors, enriched with active beneficial for the skin.

How to use and wash the Konjac sponge?

To use the Konjac sponge, just wet it under water until it becomes soft, so you can use it with your favorite facial cleanser. Pass it on your face making gods circular movements (you just need to use very little product). Once finished using it should be rinsed with plenty of water and then hung up to dry again.

Ancient Herbalist, bamboo toothbrush with 100% biodegradable handle. This adult toothbrush, with soft bristles, is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes, for extra attention to the environment. Price: € 3.29

Avril, Bamboo brush.
Gentle on the hair and scalp. Price: € 5.99

Honest Beauty, Gentle Konjac Sponge. Delicate konjac root sponge, known for its detoxifying effects, makes the skin clean, exfoliated and soft, for a winning complexion with every wash, with or without detergent. Price: € 10.95

LastSwab, Basic Cotton Fiocc Eco-sustainable. Price: 11 €

Teak, wooden comb. The afro comb by TEK, available in different colors, is made of 100% FSC® certified ash wood. Price: € 10.49

La Saponaria, Make-up-free Make-up remover pads set These soft organic cotton pads remove even the most stubborn make-up in a natural, gentle and sustainable way. They are washable and therefore reusable almost indefinitely. Price: 7,60 €

Emanuela Biffoli, Bath glove in fine cotton. Perfect for a delicate cleansing action, ideal for the most sensitive skin. Removes impurities and gives shine and softness to the skin. Price 10.20 €

Crystallove, Agave Bamboo Dry Massage Body Brush. The natural agave fiber from which the brush is made tones and refreshes the skin in an extremely pleasant way. Price: 18 €

Hydrea London Professional, Dry Skin Detox Body Brush. Price: € 15.95

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