Ear cuff, the earrings of the 2020-21 season


Among the trends of the new autumn winter season, earrings stand out ear cuff, perfect for embellishing the look and giving personality even to the simplest outfit.

Many women love them and, if it is true that there are also women who do not wear them, the earring has always been one of the most popular female accessories (and not only), chosen for its great versatility and to express one’s personality as a girl. and women of all ages.

Worn individually in one ear, or in multiple versions, the ear cuff you can show off on any occasion of the day. Thanks to sparkling solutions, or in a romantic version in gold or silver, the ear cuffs are available in many models and various shapes and colors, but above all embellished with beads, studs, zircons or rhinestones.

Ear cuffs, how they are worn

The ear cuff they are an impressive ornament. Depending on the volume of the model, they can embellish the entire auricle or a single portion. Wearing them is easy. Simply clip them to the outer side of the ear and position them at the desired height by simply sliding them. Once the position has been chosen, all that remains is to tighten the support and that’s it.

Ear cuff available in various versions

Sober and refined, elegant or witty ear cuff they are available in various solutions. It starts with a version that includes the earring placed on the lobe, and the decoration to be placed along the outermost part of the auricle, to move on to a model that does not require a hole and can simply be hooked and then tightened to the side ear.
To make ear cuffs stand out even more, you can collect your hair.

You can choose to wear ear cuffs on both ears, the same or even better than different models. It’s easy to opt for a rock or punk solution or opt for a more refined and romantic version with floral decorations, stars or hearts. There is no shortage of models with large or small band, decorated with zebra or spotted enamels, such as those proposed by Rue Des Mille rose or yellow gold plated.

Ear cuff where to buy them

There are countless versions available on the market, proposed by brands in the sector, made in gold or silver 925 and hand-finished in the name of luxury, or produced with less expensive materials for a low-cost purchase.
You can buy them in the traditional shop or in one of the many online showcases, to indulge yourself with
countless combinations and create a personalized set.

The ear cuff mania from the catwalks to everyday use

Of the ear cuffs we have learned to know the potential and to appreciate the many shapes directly on the catwalk, in the ears of the models. L’ear cuff mania was born in the context of fashion shows, but today “the jewel for the ear”Is an authentic must and women are fascinated by it, choosing to use it on different occasions of the day, wearing them at work or in free time, to make the outfit special, or simply to give themselves a touch of originality. To appreciate its versatility are both celebrities and ordinary women, girls as well as women who have overcome the fateful door.
The secret to effective use comes from the choice of models with different cuts and volumes, which guarantee an absolutely original arrangement.

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