Dry lips in summer, 10 tips to hydrate them


Dry lips in the summer? A very annoying problem that affects everyone a little. But only if you don’t know how to avoid it! Here are some simple but effective tips to moisturize and protect your lips, in summer (but not only).

Summer, what a beauty! Fun time, days dedicated to the sea (or swimming pool) and lots and lots of sun. All factors that increase the own well-being and that make us feel better, both inside and out. Almost. How many times, in fact, in the summer, have you found yourself a deal with dry lips? Certainly many.

But how to do it, then, for preserve beauty (and the health) of your lips? Give up sunbathing or diving and bathing with friends? Absolutely not! Just follow a few little tip to properly moisturize the lips dry (in summer as in all other seasons of the year), protecting them in a targeted manner e without sacrifices. Here, then, is everything you need to know to have perfect lips, sun and smile proof!

Cocoa butter at will

Sometimes it is thought that cocoa butter is used only during the winter season, to protect the lips from the cold. Well it doesn’t. The lips, in fact, need to be hydrated and shielded from external factors in every season of the year. Especially when they are put to the most severe test by atmospheric agents such as the wind but even excessive sun.

That’s why, to help dry lips in the summer stay hydrated and healthy, the cocoa butter is the number one ally to always keep with you. By opting for formulations without fragrances and as natural as possible, preferably with ingredients such as aloe vera, anti-inflammatory and emollient. To act delicately and deeply on the entire affected surface. And with the advantage (and the advice) of being able to apply it several times throughout the day.

dry lips lip balm

Don’t forget the scrub

Dry lips can be a real nuisance, especially when filling with those annoying cuticles that prevent your make-up from adhering evenly (as well as hurting when they come off).

That’s why, one of the tips to always keep your lips soft and smooth, allowing the cocoa butter to penetrate properly and deeply moisturize the part, is to do a scrub. Green light for very delicate formulations, massaging the product lightly, for eliminate dead cells and reactivate the microcirculation, but without irritating or damaging them.

dry lips scrub

For prepare a scrub all alone will be enough:

  • a teaspoon of sugar;
  • a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or sweet almonds.

By mixing the two ingredients together you will obtain a soft dough, perfect to be gently passed on the lips for aall natural exfoliation.

Dry lips and olive oil

But not only. In fact, olive oil is very rich in Vitamin E, ideal for nourishing the lips and giving them the right hydration they deserve. Even in the most “desperate” situations. It will be enough for you gently massage your lips with fingers wet with oil (even in addition to that of argan). Obtaining soft, well hydrated and nourished lips in a natural and deep way in just a few minutes.

More hydration with shea butter

As mentioned, the first thing to do to avoid having dry lips is to always keep them well hydrated. It happens, however, that simple cocoa butter is not enough. Maybe after a day spent on the beach between the gentle breeze brought by the sea, the salt water and excessive exposure to the sun. That’s why, it’s good to always have a product like shea butter.

Highly moisturizing and capable of heal those little cuts which can form when the dehydration of the lips is high, thanks to his healing and anti-inflammatory properties. A real shock therapy, to transform dry lips into a concentrate of softness.

dry lips butter

Always use sunscreen

If you thought it was the skin’s prerogative, you are wrong. The lips are also burned and, in fact, they need to be shielded from sunlight. This is why it is important never to forget to use sunscreen even on this very delicate part of the body. And not just any one.

In fact, sunburnt lips become immediately dry. For this, the sun cream or lipstick more suitable to protect them during the summer season, it must have a very high protection factor, not less than 30. To be reapplied every time you are in the water, to avoid subjecting your lips to excessive stress caused by the sun.

sun dry lips

Make the most of the night, with a mask!

And not only to have fun with friends but also for take care of yourself and your dry lips. How? Applying a mask, in cream or in patches. A perfect product for repair the lips and help them regain the right well-being. Hydrating and nourishing them thoroughly without you even noticing.

A super effective product for the care of dry and chapped lips and to which, of course, you will never want to give up again. And not just in summer.

dry lips mask

Dry lips? Drink more

While it may seem trivial, we often don’t remember that our body is made up for most of water. Reason why, if this is missing, even the external tissues are affected. Appearing dry and dull. And much more prone to damage.

That’s why, to avoid dry lips, the first thing to do is simply drink more, at least two liters per day. Always keeping a bottle of water with you and taking care of never forget to drink constantly during the day.

dry lips drink

Help yourself with nutrition

And you know on the one hand it is necessary to hydrate dry lips by taking a lot of water, on the other hand you must never forget how much even the food affects well-being of the body, lips included. This is why it is important to help this part of the body cope with the summer heat and the greater tendency to dehydration increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, also rich in water.

Instead, reducing salty foods. A remedy as easy as it is very effective to deeply hydrate and protect your lips.

dry lips feeding

Prefer moisturizing lipsticks

For lovers of color at all costs (and what better season than summer to show off the most extravagant ones), a valid remedy for dry lips or to counteract their appearance, is to prefer moisturizing lipstick formulations.

dry lips lipstick

Creamier products than classic lipsticks, rich in oils and able to color your lips without drying them. Acting like a cuddle on the skin and deeply hydrating the part. For a summer make-up perfect and at the same time protective.

Avoid air conditioning

Ok, sometimes the heat gets so stifling that the only possible solution seems to be to take refuge in a cold room or more comfortably in a room with air conditioning (yes, even the one in the car). As pleasant as it may be, however, know that the very source of your momentary well-being is a real one low blow to the lips.

To prevent dry lips from becoming a constant of your summer, therefore, try to do not expose yourself to air conditioning for too long (but also to the fan jet). And, whether it’s a minute or a lot more, protect them with a nice layer of cocoa butter or moisturizing conditioner.

air dry lips

Stop bad habits

In addition to hurting the whole body for countless reasons, one of the worst enemies of the lips is the smoke. Prince of bad habits and, precisely for this reason, an element to be eliminated for the health and beauty of your lips. But not only.

Even the alcoholic beverages or those too cold they can alter the well-being of the skin in this part of the body, leading to damage to the lips. As well as the trend of nibbling or wetting all the time the surface of the mouth with the tongue. All actions that do not at all facilitate dry lips to regain their natural beauty.

dry lips biting

That’s why, helping them stay healthy and well hydrated is also important eliminate these vices. Guaranteeing top-notch and kiss-proof lips, all summer long!

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