Dresses and tops with sailor stripes that sweep the low cost summer trend


This is no news: the sailor stripe or Breton stripe print is the
absolute favorite in all age ranges and practically all styles. This transgenerational power is not the only factor that explains why marine striped garments are sold out in low cost stores as soon as they arrive in the new collection. In fact, what may most attract buyers of all ages is, on the one hand, their
credentials like classy classic (defended by
Coco Chanel); and on the other, its rejuvenating potential of any look, whether you are 30, 50 or 70 years old. After the black dress, the jacket and the white T-shirt, the perfect wardrobe must have a garment with sailor stripes.

Set of knitted jacket and dress with sailor stripes, from Zara. /


Right now we have in low cost stores
some of the most exciting sailor striped garments we’ve seen this season, although we recommend that you take a tour of the Zara sales because there are still sizes of some designs that deserve attention. The ones that we propose to you now as favorites are newcomers, so
you should have no problem getting them in your usual size, although we warn you: they sell out quickly. This look with a midi dress (29.95 euros) and matching cardigan (29.95 euros) from Zara has all the ballots to disappear. It is from a
classic elegance spectacular.

Sailor striped tank dress that Stradivarius proposes in blue and red. /


The rest of the designs that have caught our attention belong to the
new Stradivarius collection, who has wisely baptized them as “urban sailor”: we would like to wear these designs near the sea, but the truth is that they succeed, above all, on asphalt. We like it very much
the variant of the classic sailor stripes print chosen by the designers of this brand: a
thick version in navy blue and red on a luminous white or a wonderful cream color.

Top with swimmer neckline with sailor stripes from the new Stradivarius collection. /


The star design of
Stradivarius urban sailor trend It is a short and strapless dress that does not have any type of design complication: you can wear it calmly to the beach or combine it with a very light shirt to wear it in the city.
Made of a very light knit, it has an ideal texture and weight, in addition to those sailor stripes that we like so much. Important: the skirt has a slightly flared silhouette that will look spectacularly good for silhouettes with more curvy hips.

The price is the factor that ends up convincing them to propose
this sailor striped dress, in blue or red, as one of the most beautiful this summer: it only costs 17.99 euros. Even cheaper is the other piece of this marine micro collection: a
swimmer neckline top that only costs 9.99 euros. If you prefer to stay true to your trusted pants and skirts, this striped top lets you join the trend without leaving your comfort zone. Don’t tell me it’s not pretty. It is gorgeous.

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