Don’t tan in the summer and keep your skin clear: how to do it?


Not everyone loves or can get a tan and, fortunately, this choice is finally lived in a super easy way. If you also want to keep your skin clear, here are some valuable tips.

If until a few decades ago fashion was popular, dangerous, of perennial tan, to show off 12 months a year, fortunately today this is no longer the case.

Not only lamps and tanning cars in the dead of winter have become less and less cool, but also keeping your skin clear in the summer is no longer taboo.

No-Tan trend

To make its way even among the many moon-skinned celebrities, who maintain this even in August, is the trend defined No-Tan. Nicole Kidmann, Emma Stone or Anne Hathaway, just to name a few, they practically never tan and they are among the best known representatives of a movement that, in reality, returns cyclically over the centuries.

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in fact, no woman wanted to be tanned but, on the contrary, the daily struggle, especially of those belonging to the bourgeois class, was conducted with the aim of avoiding it as much as possible. To do this, the clothes they were long to the feet and the arms always coveredmoreover, you never went out without having brought strategic with you umbrellas to cover yourself from unwanted rays.

Coming to the present day, after decades of excessive tanning power, certainly thanks to it greater awareness today of how reckless exposure to the sun is very wrong, it can be said that pale skin is back in vogue.

If you too are a super fun of the moon tan, here are some revealed tricks to avoid sunbathing and keep your skin clear.

Use sunscreen

Exposing yourself to the sun without having spread a protective cream on your face and body is very dangerous, therefore you should never forget it, even if you want to get a tan.

In fact, although it also brings various benefits such as stimulating the production of vitamin D, it can also be extremely harmful, given that UVA and UVB rays are among the major responsible forskin aging, sunburn and erythema and, in the most serious cases, of different types of skin cancers.


Choose it with the SPF 50 or +

If you have the moon skin particularly sensitive and in addition to not wanting to expose it to risks you want to keep it very white, choose a sunscreen with highest possible protection factor, at least equal to 50.

If you want to be on the safe side you can get a version formulated for children’s skins, it is even more effective and will hardly reserve you any nasty surprises.


Spread it both at the seaside and in the city

One of the most common mistakes is to believe that the sun’s rays do less damage in the city but this is not the case. If you want to keep your skin clear without getting a tan, then, do not forget to spread it on the exposed areas of the skin.

If you go to the sea or the pool, reapply it after each bath, the latest generation creams are waterproof but undoubtedly contact with water can slightly decrease their effectiveness.

Never forget your hat and sunglasses

If your goal this summer is not to get a tan but to keep the skin clear on your face as well, there are two a’saccessories that must never be missing to accompany your outfits: sunglasses and hats.

Cool and useful glasses

The first in addition to shield your eyes from too bright light that could cause you some annoyance, protect the surrounding areas of the face making them stay white.

Choose the model you prefer but consider that the greater the amplitude the easier it will be for them to act as a shield. Also pay attention to lenses, which must be strictly dark.



If you love the look a little’ romantic and dreamy, which, however, wink at the good life and remember the holidays on the Côte d’Azur, the straw hat is your summer must have.

Super elegant, to the sea it is extremely versatile since it goes well with both a swimsuit and a beach dress, in the case of lunch or an aperitif under the sun. The fact of being large then obviously makes it perfect for fulfill the task of make your skin stay clear.

Not to be disdained even in the city or in the countryside, where you can combine it, for example, with a fresh white dress or denim shorts and colored top.


Brighten the face

Giving up a tan certainly does not mean resigning yourself to having a pale face. To put off a radiant image while keeping the skin clear, apply a little bit of illuminating in strategic points And that’s it.

Stay in the shade as much as possible

It even seems trivial to say it but if you want to keep your skin clear you have to stay away from the sun as much as possible. This obviously doesn’t mean you should turn into a vampire and only go out in the hours after sunset, but try to avoid being outdoors during the central hours of the day that might be a great idea.

If, on the other hand, you can’t do without it, try as much as possible of stand in shady areas. On the beach make sure there is an umbrella, otherwise bring one yourself and do not part with it, except, of course, for the moments dedicated to bathing and swimming.


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