Don’t tan, habits that keep your skin clear


Leather is undoubtedly our business card. But how can you always keep it healthy, clear and bright? Here are ten good habits to keep in mind and apply right now to ensure your skin is eye-catching and touch-proof!

Taking care of your skin is a fundamental step to preserve it in perfect health and for guarantee her the maximum beauty possible. But what are the habits that should be followed to keep the skin radiant, silky and clear, in every season of the year?

Obviously we are not talking about major upheavals or particular treatments, but simply about one specific daily beauty routine and to adopt some healthy and good habits. To improve your lifestyle and allows your skin to always stay on top! Here, then, are the good habits for the health and beauty of your skin.

Focus cleansing

One of the elements that most affects the general condition of the skin of the whole body concerns his cure. Adopting a specific skincare according to the type of skin, in fact, is a fundamental step to keep it always healthy, bright and clear. For this reason, whether it is the face or the body in general, there are passages that should never be given up (or forgotten) one of all. cleansing the epidermis.

In fact, cleansing should follow specific steps and precautions:

  • choose targeted products, delicate, suitable for the different peculiarities of the skin (mixed, dry, oily, etc.) both for composition and formulation;
  • clean your face both in the morning and in the evening (and if necessary even in the middle of the day, to eliminate unnecessary traces of make-up or excessive impurities);
  • do not rub the skin, avoiding irritation, redness and damage;
  • always use clean towels, dabbing them on the skin (and never lending them to anyone).

skin cleansing

Clear and glowing skin? Off to hydration

Once the skin has been thoroughly cleaned, to ensure it has maximum radiance, elasticity and a clear and fresh look, there is nothing better (and more useful) than performing proper hydration. How?

By opting for specific moisturizers for your skin type, to be applied several times throughout the day (especially for those with dry skin). Or preferring some natural oils, super nourishing and moisturizing. To protect the skin from external agents and hydrate it deeply in every part.

skin hydration

Eliminate the habit

A key thing to keep in mind when it comes to skin and hydration is change product according to the season. Summer is different from winter and even the skin has different needs. For this, for keep the skin glowing and clear (and especially in health) it is good to change your moisturizer every season. By guaranteeing her one more targeted and effective protection.

Green light to exfoliation

Exfoliate the skin it is an essential habit to keep it beautiful and bright. Thanks to its formulation, in fact, the scrub allows to eliminate dead cells, promote cell regeneration, clean the pores in depth, make the skin silky and smooth.

Obviously if done right. The ideal is exfoliate the skin once a week, two if she is fat. But no more, to prevent the skin from becoming irritated by producing more sebum, negating the effect of your skincare. And always using different scrubs depending on the area to be treated.

skin scrub

And the masks?

In addition, always to be performed once a week, another good habit for keeping skin healthy and glowing is apply masks (for the face) regenerating, purifying, nourishing. To deeply cleanse the skin and ensure its correct balance. A panacea for the beauty of your skin.

skin masks

Clear and glowing skin? Never forget to remove your make-up

If your goal is to always have beautiful and healthy skin (and therefore with a clear and luminous appearance), a rule that you will always have to put into practice, no ifs and buts, is to remove make-up. Never go to sleep with makeup on, even if it’s just a little mascara.

To be able to keep the skin healthy it needs to breathe, to be free from all impurities and to be able to regenerate. During the night, in fact, the skin warms up and increases its absorption capacity of what is applied to him. Everything. This is why it is important to remove all traces of make-up, dust, etc. using, instead, nourishing and targeted products.

skin remove make-up

Tanning? Very little and always with sunscreen

How do you keep your skin clear and glowing in the summer? Do you have to give up tanning and days on the beach? Not entirely. Or rather, the sun is good for the body for a lot of reasons (one of them being vitamin D), but not as good for the skin. How to say, better take a tan!

In fact, exposing yourself to the sun for too long leads to an excessive production of melanocytes which, in turn, are responsible for the formation of dark spots on the skin. In addition to causing a whole host of other problems such as:

  • dehydration;
  • erythema;
  • redness or irritation;
  • increase in the speed of the appearance of wrinkles;
  • skin aging (of which they are responsible for about 80%);
  • skin diseases;
  • tumors.

This is why one must never overdo it. And above all, you should never sunbathe without first applying a good layer of sun protection (several times during the day).

sun skin

Sun protection? Always!

A shield necessary to preserve the skin from damage caused by UV rays and keep it always healthy, clear and radiant. But when is it appropriate to apply it? The answer is only one: always! The sun’s rays, in fact, are there both summer and winter, everywhere (and not just on the beach).

For this reason, it is important to protect the skin at any time of the year and wherever you are incorporate sunscreen into your beauty routine, immediately after the moisturizer, before make-up (but you can also apply it after make-up).

skin sunscreen

Drink lots of water

If one of the fundamental elements for skin care and health ishydration, it must never be forgotten that this is not just about the outside but also the interior. The body, in fact, is mainly made of water and it is important that this is reintroduced regularly throughout the day. Guaranteeing the skin to be always clear and elastic.

At least two liters of water per day, but also herbal teas or infusions, to hydrate the body and allow the skin to eliminate toxins in excess. Always keeping young, fresh and super bright.

skin water

Skin-friendly fruits and vegetables

And he knows on one side there is water, on the other there are fruits and vegetables. Two friends of our skin, rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the health and beauty of the skin. But which ones to choose?

In reality it would be good to eat a little bit of everything, less boring and healthier (each food, in fact, has its own unique characteristics). When it comes to leather, however, green leafy vegetables are preferred (rich in vitamin C) such as:

  • spinach;
  • broccoli;
  • asparagus;
  • lettuce;
  • cabbage;
  • basil.

But also tomatoes, peppers and fruits such as kiwis, strawberries or citrus fruits. To add every day to your daily diet. Also in the form of centrifuged or smoothie.

fruit skin

Cereals? Better if they are whole

In addition, another element in favor of the brightness of the skin is the choice of foods with a high protein content and Whole grains (instead of refined ones). Two allies for the health of the skin, and capable of making it cleaner, oxygenated and, therefore, radiant.

skin cereals

Clear and glowing skin? Only if you sleep well!

Who would have thought that sleep and good sleep could be centered on the appearance of one’s skin. Well, know that this is exactly the case! Not getting enough rest, in fact, going to bed late or dedicating a few hours to sleep, can increase skin-related disorders such as acne, eczema, couperose, etc. In addition to promoting the appearance of wrinkles.

This is because during sleep, as mentioned, the skin renews and regenerates itself, repairing the damage done by free radicals and promoting cellular health. This is why it is important to sleep well and in the right amount, at least eight hours a night.

No to tablets or iPads in bed

But be careful. Because sleeping doesn’t mean lying in bed with your cell phone, iPad or similar. The light produced by these devices, in fact, it is very bad for the skin. A real attack on its beauty and health. Better to turn them off and avoid taking them to the room where you sleep.

skin sleep

Hands off the skin

Those who want to look beautiful and bright… must avoid touching, rubbing or scratching continuously the skin of the face and body. Each gesture of this type, in fact, represents a solicitation for the skin, causing irritation, stress and redness. Exactly the opposite of what it takes to have clear and radiant skin.

For this it is good to learn not to touch our skin too much, leaving it free, avoiding getting it dirty or irritated with your hands and preserving its correct balance. After all, it is well known that the skin is an extremely sensitive and receptive part of the body. And that’s why it’s important be gentle and gentle when you touch it. Just like if you touch a flower!

skin delicacy

Hot water? No thanks, better warm

And speaking of delicacy, another good habit to protect the skin by keeping it always beautiful, healthy and with a clear and luminous complexion is that not to attack it with temperatures that are too high when you shower or wash your face.

In fact, water that is too hot can damage the skin a lot eliminating natural oils of which it is provided, creating redness due to the dilation of blood vessels and increasing their sensitivity. Much better use lukewarm water and, for the more courageous, alternate jets of hot water with jets of cold water. To stimulate circulation and give the skin a more compact, homogeneous and super bright appearance.

shower skin

Healthy habits, simple to apply and introduce into your daily life. For show off a clear and radiant skin every day, health symptoms and a unique and absolutely irresistible beauty element. In every season of the year and at any age.

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