Don’t get a tan, how to do it even if you are exposed to the sun?


In summer, not getting a little tan is very difficult because the sun’s rays also pass where you would not expect it. However, with a little attention and patience, it can be done.

Summer often rhymed with tanning, but fortunately for the fans of the moon tan, after decades of hegemony of sun-roasted skin and different shades darker than one’s own, today this combination is no longer absolute, but admits exceptions. In fact, more and more people decide not to get a tan by choice or necessity dictated by medical conditions.

A trend so widespread that it deserves a specific name and a consequent hasthag on social media: #notan, that is, no tan in English. Following her, also many celebrities of the caliber of Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman and many others, whose skin always appears of porcelain, in any season it is immortalized by photographers’ flashes.

If you too want to follow this example, but you don’t know how to do it because you are planning a beach holiday, know that it is possible not to get a tan even if you are exposed to the sun.

Undoubtedly it is not an easy undertaking, but with a little commitment and some small foresight, you can undoubtedly win the challenge.

Use high sunscreen

The first piece of advice may seem the most obvious, but in reality it is also the most important. The rule of never expose yourself to the sun without using a good sun cream or lotion, also applies to those who want to tan, but if your goal is to maintain milky skin throughout the summer, you will have to follow it even more scrupulously.


How to choose it

In order not to get a tan, the protection to spread is undoubtedly high, regardless of the phototype. 50 is the minimum number that you will have to look for on the packaging during the purchase phase, but if you want to be even safer, opt for the 50+.

If your skin is very clear and very sensitive, to the point that not getting a tan is not only an aesthetic desire but also a clinical need, veers decisively towards protection from total screens, obviously of good quality in order to filter the sun’s rays as much as possible.

Attention, it is not enough to apply sunscreen to not get a tan, since it is known that the tan can arrive even if you use protective creams. However, the higher the screen, the harder the beams are to reach you, so even if it’s not a definitive strategy it can definitely help.

When to apply it

To hinder tanning, the sunscreen should always be applied on exposed areas, and therefore undoubtedly on the face, but also on the legs and arms during the hot months, when tops, skirts and shorts leave a lot of skin exposed. In summer, this step should automatically become part of your morning beauty routine even if you stay in town.

If you are planning a beach holiday or a day at the pool, this habit should become even more scrupulous.

The sunscreen does not have a settling time before activating, and that means that you can spread it directly on the beach.

However, dry skin is much less exposed to the risk of tanning then if you have time, apply it at home, about twenty minutes before going out, in order to give the body time to absorb it completely.

Put it back on regularly throughout the day, and never forget it once you get out of the water.


Wear opaque clothing

This tip is undoubtedly challenging, given that when it is hot we would like everything except to dress in opaque clothes. However, if you do not want to tan, it is undoubtedly a way to go, as every extra inch of exposed skin can be affected by the sun’s rays and, therefore, tan.

However, covering up does not mean taking a sauna. They exist in fact lots of fabrics and types of clothes, able to make you feel fresh even if covered.



At the seaside, for example, you could show up with the always green pareo, which despite the fact that every year seems destined to be overcome by other trends, remains the king of the summer.

The reason for this success is very simple: it is a extremely versatile garment. There are simpler versions, excellent to be used as a swimsuit cover, and other more chic ones, perfect for an aperitif on the beach.

Alternatively, they are super cool too long skirts, perfect when combined with flat sandals.

For the upper body, opt for one T-shirt or linen shirt: super chic, yet fresh and breathable at the same time.


Watch your head

Finally, wear a wide straw hat. Its size is able to shade your figure and, therefore, to prevent you from getting tanned.


Use foundation

During the warmer months there are many girls who decide to put almost all make-up products in a drawer. The first to succumb is usually the foundation, with the belief is extremely harmful expose yourself to the sun after having spread it out.

In reality it is exactly the opposite: the foundation acts as a protective screen between you and the rays. This mechanism always happens but in order not to risk, choose a foundation containing a sun filter. There are many on the market and their miraculous properties.

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