Don’t be afraid to be cotton candy: these 4 knitted sweaters from Asos are all you need to make you fall in love with pink (again)


The last time you wore that pink sweater with a bow on the back that your mother gave you to go to the office, they told you you looked like cotton candy. That malicious comment curtailed your stylistic freedom to float like a cloud through life. I shouldn’t have, but since then, you’ve got THE JERSEY tucked away in the back of the closet. It may have been a little too much for Wednesday, but hey, who doesn’t follow the ‘Wednesdays we wear pink’ thing at face value? Now that you are no longer in the office, (and that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to take off your tracksuit and pajamas) it’s time to turn a deaf ear and wear your pink sweater before UFOs make a presence in this sci-fi movie.

For that reason and because a pink sweater is never enough, we have selected the 4 most beautiful of Asos. For all tastes and pockets, here is our selection. Be careful, your glucose levels can skyrocket.

With pearls on the sleeves, neck and shoulders, this style is a true princess fantasy. It costs 44.49 on the Asos website.

For lovers of powdery tones that are almost nudes, this super tasty knitted turtleneck is ideal to combine with skinny jeans or black pants. It costs 34.99 euros and is available on the Asos website.

In its almost dress and oversize version (available in large sizes, a nod to curvy readers) it is ideal to wear with leggings and embrace athleisure at home. It costs 23.05 euros and is available on the Asos website.

And last but not least, this raspberry-colored turtleneck is perfect to combine with mom jeans or your floral skirts. Long live the cloying! It costs 39 euros and is available at Asos.

Which one do you prefer? There is no correct answer …

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