Dolphin skin make-up: technique, tutorial and gallery


Celebrities, of course, are often also style icons, both in terms of clothing and for what concerns hairstyles and make-up; In fact, one of the latest trends in makeup has come from them, the one that really made it a master in the summer of 2020 but which, we are convinced, will continue to depopulate even during the winter season.

Let’s talk about the Dolphin Skin, the “dolphin skin”. If you still don’t know what we are talking about, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Dolphin Skin: what is it all about?

A make-up made with the Dolphin Skin effect is nothing more than a make-up in which the skin of the face (but also of the rest of the body, if desired) takes on an appearance so bright that it seems almost wet, like, in fact, the back of a dolphin.

In short, the Dolphin Skin gives the skin that look that seems to make you believe you have just come out of the water, and it was liked so much by the stars (but not only) that it quickly earned its own hashtag on social media, #dolphinskin, then went viral.

The name was coined by the make-up artist Mary Phillips, which among other things takes care of the make-up of some celebrities, including Kardashian, le Jenner, but also Gisele Bundchen, J Lo or Hailey Bieber, just to name a few, and it was designed to suggest the idea of ​​a translucent and smooth skin, as if it were beaded with drops of dew.

The immediate effect that you have when you see a make-up made with this technique is that of freshness, which made it the real trend of the summer season.

If you are thinking that getting this effect could probably cost you a fortune, know that you are wrong: there are so many products truly accessible to all budgets that can help you recreate the Dolphin Skin, without resorting to the expert hands of a make-up artist like Mary. Just follow a few simple rules and tutorials.

Technique and tutorial for the Dolphin Skin

The main thing to keep in mind to get this effect is that there is a need to stratify products for liquid and cream make-up, thus leaving aside the matting textures and, of course, the powder.

Beware of who has one combination or oily skin, which has a tendency to become often shiny: for you the Dolphin Skin is not recommended, or in any case the advice is to pay extreme attention to the stratification of the products, in order not to find yourself in a few steps with an unpleasant feeling of greasy skin.

Having clarified these small details, let’s move on to the actual technique to make our “dolphin skin”: first of all, it is extremely important take care of your skincare, because the starting condition of the skin is fundamental for the final result of the effect.

  1. So start with a thorough cleansing of the face, even better if you do one double cleansing, preferring an oil-based cleaner;
  2. then choose an illuminating cleansign water, similar to those used in the korean skincare, which will make the face immediately bright, as well as very clean.
  3. after this step you can tap a little bit of on the face illuminating tonic, and then opt for a face cream with a rich and full-bodied texture (better if illuminating);
  4. at this point we are ready to proceed with the real make-up. The first watchword is “forget foundation and powder!”. For a perfect Dolphin Skin, in fact, it is definitely better to turn to a BB or CC cream, or a moisturizing colored cream.

Once these first steps have been completed, it’s time to proceed with theliquid highlighter, to be applied abundantly under the browbone, on the cheekbones, on the cupid’s bow and on the bridge of the nose. If, on the other hand, you want to continue along the body, the advice is to insist on the shoulders and collarbones, and on the neckline.

Liquid Highlighter Shimmer

Liquid Highlighter Shimmer

The Shimmer highlighter highlights the strong points of the face for flawless make-up, and at the same time moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

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  • Six colors
  • Moisturizing action

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After applying the highlighter, following the technique launched by Mary Phillis, we move on to blush, also illuminating, and therefore preferably in cream, to be put on the cheeks and then blended, with the help of a brush or fingers.

Maybelline New York Cream Blush

Maybelline New York Cream Blush

Maybelline’s cream blush gives a natural look to the cheeks, while the creamy texture gives a luminous effect.

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  • Fresh and light texture
  • Natural effect

It’s time to fix it all with a generous swipe of fixing spray for make up.

NYX fixing spray

NYX fixing spray

A light matte fixing spray for fresh make-up, with a semi-transparent formula, excellent for all skin types.

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  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Translucent and versatile formula

To make the Dolphin Skin effect last longer, bring thermal water with you to spray on your face.

Avene Thermal Water Spray

Avene Thermal Water Spray

Taken directly from the source, Avène thermal water restores all its soothing properties, nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

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  • Protects from UV rays
  • It nourishes and moisturizes the skin

And what about the lipsinstead? The ideal thing would be to limit yourself to a veil of gloss on the lips, leaving the eye makeup natural too, precisely because the Dolphin Skin effect is that of a light, fresh and hyper natural make-up, so smokey eyes and colors are “banned” very “heavy”, with a matt texture.

Obviously, we clarify that these are only advice, not general and hard rules, which, after all, do not exist in make-up.

Dolphin Skin: celebrities who have tried it

In the gallery we offer you some of the make-up shown by celebrities who have decided to opt for the Dolphin Skin effect.

Dolphin skin: the beauty trend of the stars for a skin ... like a dolphin

Source: instagram @ maryphillips

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