Does the tanning lamp hurt? Here are the tips


Those who are a tan addict often during the winter months “suffer” from seeing their skin turn pale, and for this reason they do not give up on usual sunbathing sessions or sun showers; be careful, however, the tanning lamp, just like the sun’s rays, can be extremely harmful to our skin, and therefore should be used with caution and prudence.

Tanning lamp: how to tan quickly without risk

The tanning lamp is obviously a useful way to show off that handsome perpetually golden complexion typical of the summer months, even when the weather is gray; however, to achieve the tanned skin tone we want we should not think that it is “everything and now”: the goal of the tanning lamp must not necessarily be to achieve the greatest intensity of color in the shortest possible time, but rather that of get a suitable color, healthy and lasting over time.

For this reason it is better choose the timing and intensity of the session, reducing them so as to obtain a lighter but longer lasting complexion.

Another key thing is to remember use sunscreen that protect from UVA and UVB rays with a protection factor ranging from 30 to 50, even for those with a dark phototype. The intensity of a lamp is in fact higher than that of a sunny summer day; Using a sunscreen will not diminish your tan, but it will protect it while also helping you to prevent dryness and dullness.

Tanning lamp: sunbed or sun shower?

First of all we have to make a basic distinction: they exist high pressure UVA lamps is UVA and UVB mixed low pressure lamps. High-pressure lamps are those that give an immediate but short-lasting tan because it is obtained from the photo-oxidation of the melanin already present in the skin.

The low pressure lamps, on the other hand, guarantee a lasting tan, because the UVBs activate the melanocytes and induce the synthesis of new melanin. For the high pressure lamp the exposure time varies from 15 to 20 minutes, while for the low pressure lamp the exposure time is shorter and varies from about 6 to 12 minutes. In any case, the exposure time is very subjective and must take into account the phototype of the subject.

THE dermatologists they recommend the use of low pressure lamps because they release a spectrum similar to that of the sun and therefore less harmful to our skin.

For both lamps, both high and low pressure, there are two alternatives: the sun bed and the solar shower.

There are no particular reasons to choose one or the other: generally the solar shower is considered more hygienic than the sunbed, since it does not require direct contact between the body and the surface of the machine; a session in the shower is also faster than that in the bed. Instead, the cot is preferable if, for example, you suffer from claustrophobia.

Does the tanning lamp hurt?

We now come to the most important question: is tanning with a lamp hurt regardless, more or less of the sun exposure?

Certainly, there are recent studies, reported on the Airc website, which have shown that the abuse of lamps and loungers can expose you to a greater risk of skin cancers; in particular, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has detected a 75% increased risk of melanoma in those who use tanning lamps under the age of 35.

This is the reason why there is a ministerial decree, published in 2011 by the Ministry of Health, which prohibits access to lamps, showers and sun beds to minors (and to pregnant women, to those who suffer or have suffered from neoplasms of the skin and finally to subjects with phototype I and II, or those who can easily burn).

But it exists an alternative to the lamps? Dermatologists recommend self-tanning creams or sprays, which are safe because, of course, they do not expose to UV rays. However, even when using these products one should not forget about protect skin during sun exposure, because self-tanners do not provide protection.

In general, dermatologists and experts in general agree that a tanning lamp every month and a half / two is not harmful, but its abuse or misuse will certainly cause damage to the subject. A good lamp once in a while, in a worthy beauty center with qualified personnel will help you to maintain the tan gained during the holiday or to prepare for the first rays of the sun without damaging your skin: just be careful not to abuse it.

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