Do-it-yourself facial cleansing: how to do it?


Let’s talk about beauty routine: cross and delight for all women, who would like all the benefits of a healthy, smooth and radiant skin but often do not have the time, the patience or the desire to take care of their face.

There face cleaning instead it is one of the best allies to take care of one’s beauty, and considering it a daily habit to keep can really bring many positive effects. But to do it correctly you don’t necessarily need to go to beauty centers often, you can do an excellent one do-it-yourself facial cleansing, with specific quality products for all skin types.

Why do the DIY facial cleansing?

Smog, makeup residues, excess sebum: during the day there are many impurities that are deposited on the skin of our face, causing a weakening which, in the long run, makes it less luminous and more opaque.

These impurities are often the basis of annoying imperfections such as acne, blackheads or wrinkles, but also of redness and greater dryness of the skin. From here you can understand why a daily facial cleansing is of extreme importance, to maintain maximum skin tone and elasticity.

The ideal do-it-yourself facial cleansing based on your skin type

There are, of course, many types of skin, but in general we could enclose them in:

  • skin normal;
  • skin dry;
  • skin greasy;
  • skin sensitive.

Of course, to perform facial cleansing in the correct way, first of all is necessary understand what kind of skin we have, and consequently adapt the most suitable products, to avoid irritation, redness or the appearance of other small problems.

1. Normal skin

This, as you can easily guess, is the skin that requires less attention than others, presenting few imperfections and no particular criticalities. However, it is important to cleanse it daily, and remember to remove your make-up every time, to allow it perspiration overnight. It is also advisable to use an exfoliating product at least once a week, while for daily washing a cream cleansing milk.

2. Dry skin

It is a skin that already requires more attention, especially because you try to maintain brightness by preventing it from flaking. The key thing is to use cleaners with a good pH balance; in particular, we may use products based on oils, for example almond oil or olive oil itself, which help to restore the pH by keeping the skin clean and hydrated, eliminating toxins.

3. Oily skin

Shiny appearance, dilated pores and pimples, this type of skin generally presents itself, which therefore requires a deep facial cleansing, with a beauty routine to be repeated at least twice a day. You need to exfoliate your skin carefully, using clay or sulfur-based soaps, for example, or tea oil-based products. In general, however, professional cleaning is more indicated, especially since there is a high risk of leaving scars.

4. Sensitive skin

The password is use non-aggressive products, which can exfoliate deeply but gently, and cleanse the skin with face serum and natural-based cream.

How to do a proper DIY facial cleansing: the 5 steps and the products

Let’s see now, step by step, how we can proceed to be sure to make one do-it-yourself facial cleansing in the best way.

1. Prepare the skin for cleansing

We must first of all allow the pores of the skin, essential for perspiration, to open up, in order to prepare it for cleaning. You can boil a pot of water by adding two teaspoons of baking soda, then expose your face to the steam for at least 15 minutes, covering your head with a towel. They are the classics fumigations, in conclusion.

2. Remove dead skin cells with cleanser and scrub

We try to free the skin of dead cells, allowing it to breathe: those with delicate skin can use a scrub with baking soda, water and honey, massaging on the face and rinsing after a few minutes with warm water. For normal skin the scrub can be done with sugar, honey and lemon juice. In any case, it is important to remember to avoid the eye area.

Mild detergents are fine for cleansing, but also rose water – for the most sensitive skin -, olive oil or coconut butter. If the skin is oily it is advisable to throw yourself into slightly astringent products based on aloe vera or lemon juice.

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If you have blackheads, you can remove them using two cotton pads to squeeze them, or using the comedone remover.

3. Use natural masks to cleanse the skin

Each skin type has the most suitable mask: clay for combination to oily skin, based on juice of lemon for oily skin. Normal skin can make a mask based on avocado, while aloe vera, calendula and chamomile they are indicated for sensitive and inflamed skin.

If your skin feels stressed, however, prepare a mask with pulp of cucumber, gel of aloe true and honey.

Pinpoxe clay and avocado mask

Pinpoxe clay and avocado mask

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4. Use the tonic for an astringent effect

The aim is to narrow the pores that are still dilated, making a home tonic with decoction of rosemary, orange peel and grapefruit, lemon juice, parsley decoction, or as an alternative, with green tea or mint and apple cider vinegar. You have to dab the product on the skin with a cotton swab, then leave it to dry in the air.

5. Moisturize your face with the cream that best suits our skin type

To moisturize the skin, massage the face with the most suitable cream for our skin type, and then choose another one for the eye area. It is advisable to aim for products that contain vitamin E and aloe vera.

Methods for professional facial cleansing

THE professionals the industry surely know how to perform one deep facial cleansing, starting first of all from the analysis of the skin, to determine its type and, therefore, the choice of products to use.

After applying a detergent, a tonic, after which the face is sprayed with hot steam, which allows the pores to hydrate and dilate, thus eliminating any blackheads (the treatment is not recommended in the case of sensitive skin).

The next stage is the peeling, in which exfoliating products are applied, to favor the detachment of dead cells; also in this case, the scrub is to be avoided in sensitive skins or those affected by dermatitis or sunburn.
Pimples and blackheads are manually removed, then the concentrated serum is applied, with properties anti-reddening, hydrants, nutrients and sebum balancing.

Finally we proceed with a delicate and relaxing massage, followed by the application of the face mask, and finally a moisturizing, emollient and protective cream.

As for the frequency with which to contact beauty centers for facial cleansing, also in this case depends on the type of skin: oily skin can carry out a treatment every month, while those with normal or dry skin can do it a couple of times a year.

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