DMBeauty becomes The Wom: the Facebook page of inclusive beauty for Gen Z


DMBeauty, the Facebook profile that inspires and tells about female beauty through images and content of inclusiveness and how-to for the Gen Z community, changes its name and becomes The Wom: social observatory on trends, themes and tutorials made by the best Italian creators and influencers.

From make-up to nail art, passing from trends and elements of skin care and body positivity: The Wom is the place to immerse yourself in discovering the best of beauty. A research that will lead the followers in a travel not only aesthetic, but also emotional, through photos, cards, infographics and quotes that inspire, inform and encourage physical self-acceptance, body positivity and inclusiveness beyond any gender, physical form and appearance.

The Wom it therefore becomes the natural continuation of a project social which aims to inspire followers and make others love themselves and others through the different appearances of our body, with an emotional graphic storytelling that will be the fil rouge of the signed rebrand Mondadori Average.

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