DIY Cosmetics – Trend conquers the international market


If in the past DIY cosmetics were viewed with suspicion, today they are confirmed as a trend.
According to Euromonitor, 41% of global beauty consumers use a home-made product on a monthly basis, with facial cleansing products being the most popular product to create.
Find out how the industry is enjoying the news!

The Fever of DIY Cosmetics in the Beauty Industry

diy cosmetics 3
Bybi brand is also successful in the international DIY cosmetics market

According to Vogue Business and Euromonitor, this is an internationally confirmed trend.
Increasingly concerned about health and sustainability, consumers are mindful of each ingredient and prefer to know exactly what they are putting in the body.
In its latest article, Vogue Business points to this movement as similar to slow food and slow living, both focused on a return to basics.
In this case, when this wave hits the beauty market, consumers will seize the moment to make their own cosmetics.

We had already talked about the trend of personalization in the beauty market in the article: Manipulated Cosmetics – Pharmacies come in the wave of personalization.

diy cosmetics 3
Bybi Booster – The idea is to mix with other products to enhance them.

“People (are starting to realize that) don't need a lot of products, they just need what they really use,” says Sabrina Tan, founder of Skin Inc.
Your company is part of a growing number of modern brands selling cream, oil and serum bases that can be mixed to address specific skin problems.
For this idea to work in practice, we need to work on consumer education and, of course, sell the experience.

diy simple organic cosmetics
Simple Organic event, where guests customized their own SERUM.

Here in Brazil, the natural brand Simple Organic already promotes special events where guests can assemble their own serum.
In addition, they still know closely all the ingredients used in the products. This proximity further reinforces the idea of ​​transparency that new consumers seek in brands

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How can beauty brands leverage the DIY cosmetics movement?

DIY cosmetics
Skin Inc. Serums

As mentioned before, the big draw of this movement is to bring consumers closer to the production process.
By encouraging them to mix their own products, the brand demonstrates transparency and yet creates an innovative experience.
As it is still a rising movement, there is much territory to be explored, especially in Brazil. For this, keep an eye on international brands.

International Brands Succeed With DIY Cosmetic Kits

DIY cosmetics
DIY Cosmetics – Skin Inc.

Skin Inc, for example, recently introduced three premixed “Wonder Serums” that make it easy for customers to buy and remove.
They quickly became the brand's best selling product at Sephora.
The brand also sells kits dedicated to creating certain products, such as a moisturizing mask or cleanser.
Each kit includes three ingredients and a recipe card explaining how to mix them. The success is such that the products are usually sold out on the site.

diy cosmetics 3
Bybi Booster. Look how the packaging makes all the difference!

Another successful case is Bybi Beauty. This UK brand produces boosters, including CBD and strawberry oil, which must be mixed with other products to address specific issues such as inflammation and dehydration. The boosters are the most successful and also live exhausted.
Finally, note that these marks have something in common. To conquer this new generation of consumers, we must also invest in packaging design. After all, a modern label makes all the difference in the experience!

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