Disney Plus announces, with a trailer of more than three hours, everything that will reach its new platform with which it wants to compete with Netflix


There are only a few days left before Disney launches its new platform streaming, Disney Plus. We already know they will arrive new heroines, which will have premiere series and much content that was previously available on other networks.

Its launch, on November 12 in the US, will include original series and content of Disney and although It won't be until 2020 when I arrive in SpainYes, we have been able to see a "small" preview of what is to come.

All the series and movies that will be in Disney Plus

In a three and a half hour trailer (Yes, you read correctly), the platform that wants to compete with Netflix has announced almost everything that is to come. And it is not little. Prepare popcorn, which goes for long.

Start with Snow White and the seven dwarfs and end with a clip of The Mandalorian, one of Disney's big bets for its new platform, which will feature Pedro Pascal and Nick Nolte. This trailer offers clips of almost everything to come.

Noelle, the Christmas movie with Anna Kendricks, the new musical series of High School Musical or the version in live action from The Lady and the Tramp, that without counting on his great successes as the saga of Star wars, the thirty seasons of The Simpson or movies like Lilo and Stitch or Frozen, that in November he will release his second part in theaters.

Disney Princesses Trailer All Disney Plus Content

Disney leaves nothing to chance, and after this endless trailer it is clear that his intention is to unseat the VOD platforms and will not be the only one who will try, because Apple TV + Y HBO Max They come strong. Can they take King Netflix's crown off?

Photo | Noelle (Disney)


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