Discover the most beautiful and cheap accessory from Primark that you will want to wear all fall


Among all the fall accessories that are hitting hard on the new collections of the low cost, we have to highlight an unexpected one that has caught us by surprise but that comes in a version suitable for the cloudiest and rainiest days. We do not talk about accessories Zara’s skin, but it could be very close.

To expand the details of our most basic halftime outfits we are left with the mythical fisherman’s hat (more typical of summer trends than this season) until we have found several designs of Primark that have made us change our mind completely.

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Our first choice: a bucket hat from Primark in khaki chosen by the influencer Melissa Villarreal to accompany this long and cheap coat, also from the Irish firm.

A model that is pure trend thanks to padded fabric which is also sweeping accessories, and is the ideal alternative to rainy days when we do not have an umbrella. “It feels great and I am very little of an umbrella, so it is mega useful for rainy days,” explained Melissa on Instagram.

But the best of all is that it costs less than 10 euros and that in the physical store you can find many models in the colors and in the prints coolest at the moment, and in the fabrics warmer: with vichy plaid, of leopard, suede, plush fabric …

Leopard Print Bucket Hat from Primark.

Leopard Print Bucket Hat from Primark.

Use them to go to the office with looks that navigate between the sophisticated and the casual: with blazer and jeans, with midi dresses and boots, with coats and skirts. To go out for a walk, to go shopping … A very cheap must that you will not take off until the end of winter.

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