Dior SS 2020 – Feminism and Greek mythology in Paris Haute Couture


For the Dior SS 2020 fashion show, Maria Grazia Chiuri reinterpreted Greek goddesses on the catwalk of Haute Couture Week. Check out all the details of the collection:

Dior SS 2020 – Haute Couture

Greek deities inspired the silhouette of Dior Spring 2020

Celebrating the female divinity, Maria Grazia Chiuri returned to one of her favorite themes: feminism. The collection was inspired by the work of feminist artist Judy Chicago.

Light pieces, pleats and transparencies – Spring / Summer 2020/21 Trends
Dresses that make reference to the Greek goddesses and promise success on the red carpets a year.
As far as Dior is concerned, gold comes with everything for Summer 2021.
In addition to the long flowing, pieces inspired by classical tailoring also gained metallic versions.

For Spring / Summer 2020, Dior reinterprets Greek deities with a modern and empowered look. Fringes, strategic cutouts and a lot of golden shine are mixed in different models. From tailoring to long fluids, the Dior woman is prepared for every moment, with a lot of personality.

The feminine divine is the theme of Dior SS 2020 Haute Couture

The Rodin Museum, in Paris, was the stage for the brand's collection. Within the environment, the installation “Divino Feminino” was created by artist Judy Chicago.
Returning to the feminism that inspires her collections since she started to sign Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri guided the collection in the question “What if the world was run by women?”. This banner marked the entrance to the catwalk and was entirely hand-embroidered in India.

Dior installation at the Rodin Museum
All banners of the Dior SS 2020 fashion show are hand-embroidered and include questions related to the theme “The divine female”.

In addition, the installation featured several banners, within the same theme. Embroidered fabrics fell from the ceiling with questions: “Would God be female?”, “Would there be violence?”, “Would the Earth be protected?”, “Would old women be revered?”. To think and admire!
In fact, the space remains open, with a show, until January 26, 2020.

Greek mythology and feminism inspire Maria Grazia Chiuri to think of a world ruled by women.

Boutique + Chanakya School: women's empowerment beyond the catwalk

In addition to artist Judy Chicago, the students at the Chanakya School of Craft in Mumbai, India also helped create the Dior installation. The initiative aims to teach artisanal techniques to women at risk.

Students at the Chanakya art school in Mumbai embroidering the Dior banner by hand.

The school's students learn 700 impressive handicraft techniques that are required to become a master craftsman – a position reserved exclusively for men in the country. However, with the right direction and training, Chanakya School of Craft aims to provide employable skills for women as a means of earning a living.

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