Denim shirt, trousers that stylize and comfortable slippers: Naty Abascal has the look that rejuvenates at 40 and 70


If a few days ago Carmen Lomana swept Instagram with a set of Zara pareo skirt, today is the turn of Naty Abascal. The model of 78 years He never ceases to amaze us with styles that make him look 20 years younger. Not only because of her attitude to wear them, but also because of the clothes she chooses (like this rejuvenating printed ensemble) and that she combines so intelligently.

Your last bet? Wear the denim shirt that is so popular with celebrities and influencers, along with some styling pants and even lose weight, and some slippers super comfortable and super stylish that give a lot of personality to the total denim look. The best? We know where to get each of the garments.

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For the top, the top model has chosen a denim shirt of which we do not know the signature. But don’t panic. It is such a basic and wearable garment that practically all collections have included one among their designs. To copy you, we have chosen this one Mango It costs 29.99 euros and is available in all sizes from XS to XL. Naty Abascal has worn it tucked inside and with a belt in the jeans that we present below.

These five-pocket, low-rise straight leg jeans are a work of art. Ecofriendly and unisex, its background with a light wash effect is stamped with motifs of lips and eyes, a work called ‘The kiss’ by Valentino Cortazar to Unequal. A designer mom fit that stylizes any figure a lot and that will give the touch of style that every look needs. They cost 109.95 euros and are available in all sizes from XS to XL.

We finish with some slippers made in Spain that are patterned and that seem to be the most comfortable that can be in any closet. We love how Naty Abascal has dared to combine different prints and not fail in the attempt. They are from the firm Wafflie and Naty wears, specifically, the Sleeper Colombo model. (100 euros). One more style lesson that has conquered us.

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