Delaying hair regrowth: products and tips that work


Have you ever wondered how to delay hair regrowth? We spend so much time calculating the exact timing of hair removal that it is common to ask “but isn’t there a way to make it grow slower?” the answer is yes! We dug up some natural products and remedies to say: hey hair, wait a moment!

How to delay hair regrowth

With the arrival of summer it is normal to want to dress lighter, wearing dresses and short shorts that show off your legs.

Although there is nothing wrong with choosing not to shave or not worrying about regrowth on the legs and arms, it is also natural to ask: how can I delay the time of hair removal? There are some good products on the market that promise to rloosen the growth of the hair thus distancing the time that passes between one wax and the other.

Among the recommended hair removal methods for not having to worry about regrowth there is certainly the waxing, hot, arabic or sugar you can choose the technique you prefer. The “popular belief” that this treatment makes thicker and darker hair grow back is absolutely not true, indeed it has been shown that the use of waxing decreases the presence of hair, especially on the legs.

Between depilatory techniques and crazy advice – did you know that there are those who recommend shaving before eating for retard hair growth – but there are also gods beauty remedies, innovative products that thanks to their formulations allow you to use the razor less.

Beauty tips to delay hair growth: the scrub

Among the most acclaimed beauty tips for delaying hair growth is that of exfoliate your skin before waxing or razor. From dry brush to pumice stone, passing through scrub removing dead cells helps to obtain a deeper hair removal and consequently avoid the presence of superficial hair in the following days.

This happens because, eliminating dead cells which occlude the pores all the hairs come to the surface. In this way the hair removal technique choice will take everything away avoiding a second growth in a few days.

How to slow down hair growth: the right time to shave

Another tip for slow down hair growth is to choose the right time to shave.

According to some beliefs, the perfect days to shave are those of falling moon during which the hairs grow less strong. More credible is the advice of shave immediately after your period – and never before. This will take advantage of the hormones, otherwise you will have a faster growth.

Green tea, ice and soy: the anti-regrowth ingredients

Some studies have shown that the consumption of Mint tea could lower levels of androgens (male testosterone causes hair growth) in women’s blood at the same time, the green tea it could have infinite benefits for hair growth as it balances the hormonal level.

Intimate area ingrown hair

Finally, it would appear that even the consumption of soy would be recommended for slow down hair growth, thanks to its action similar to estrogen feminine. For this reason it is an ingredient present in many formulations of beauty creams and lotions.

The products to use to slow down hair growth

Finally on the market it is always easier to find products that help slow down hair growth.

Among the ingredients most used in the formulas we find the Turmeric, the extract of fermented papaya, the truffle. Among the most innovative discoveries we find the chelidonine (extracted from the Celandine plant itself) is a natural molecule that slows regrowth ensuring anti-inflammatory effects and Chaparral (Larrea Divaricata Extract) a Mexican plant that manages to slow down cell metabolism and thus inhibit hair growth.

So if you are looking for a product to say «bye bye hair and wax» don’t miss our gallery and go shopping!

AYAY, Hair growth retardant serum with Chaparral (active ingredient Capislow®) and Hyaluronic Acid
The dream comes true! A post-epilation serum that, in addition to resting the skin, helps to keep it smooth and velvety for even longer. A moisturizing, humectant and emollient solution that, in addition to refreshing, nourishing and de-reddening the area, blocks the proliferation of hair. € 14.90

Skin Doctors, Scientifically developed Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray can help delay hair regrowth. Hair that grows back is thinner, thinner and lighter than before, and in many cases it never grows back. € 12.45

EBrand, MANDALA Spray Lotion with Turmeric Extract the lotion, embellished with a pleasant scent of Argan and Camelia, contains the Active Principle Telocapil, extracted from the leaves of Myrica Cerifera. Telocapil is an ingredient that, used consistently after each hair removal treatment, affects and slows the regrowth of unwanted hair. € 4.99

Archokere, Retardant oil produced to slow down hair regrowth. € 7.20

Archokere, After Wax Phyto gel ideal for slowing down hair growth. € 10

EBrand, Retardant body lotion with papaya extract naturally rich in papain and allantoin with known characteristics respectively keratolites and regenerating agents that assist in retarding hair growth after waxing. The extracts of pineapple, arnica, horse chestnut, and aloe vera juice are a precious mix with soothing, refreshing and moisturizing properties. € 5.83

Actapil, Spray against hair regrowth a formula enriched with soy and apigenic isoflavones that act on hair growth. Thanks to the presence of Aloe and Vitamin E it keeps the skin hydrated and protects from dryness after epilation. € 18.12

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