Decorating ideas at outdoor weddings to make them perfect


Although people have idealized over the years the time to get married, the truth is that the event itself requires a lot (very much) work with thousands of small details that can reduce one's patience and aggravate one's stress. These types of celebrations are also influenced by the trends of the moment – in constant change – and the decoration at outdoor weddings every time it is more original (and amazing). Today we show you with 33 inspirational images found on Pinterest.

Ideas for the moment of the ceremony

Say yes, I want in the middle of the forest or on a cliff overlooking the sea every time is a more attractive idea. The final result improves if we decorate the place of the ceremony with pleasure, small details and harmony.

Details (rustic) that make a difference

The rustic weddings are cool, more if accompanied by small wooden details that magnify the final result.

Create a wall with photographs of yourself or with the guests

Inviting guests to the wedding is something that is cool and creating a wall with hundreds of photographs and moments spent with them will only raise this kind of events to the top.

The garlands will create a unique atmosphere

We do not know what garlands have but they give a magical and romantic touch to the final place. Whether to give light, to create a starry sky effect or to decorate bland places, these are always a (very) good option.

How to decorate tables with unique centers (and details)

Flowers, bows, lamps chandeliers … Everything is valid at the time of creating a fantasy place to dine. Unlike the rest of the world, here excesses are cool (and add drama to the final result).

Show the event schedule (with style)

So that the guests do not get lost and know where they have to go at all hours, create an event schedule from a restored pallet or with several photo frames -of different sizes and shapes-.

Unique details that become essential

They say that the small details make the difference and at weddings it happens: a corner to change your heels for a espadrilles, a blanket if you are cold or a place with things of hygiene will make this day something perfect.

The signature book can be original

If you want to be original and make a difference, opt for a signature book that breaks everything.

The photo booth is already a must

There are essential things in a wedding and the photo booth is one of them. Choose one of vintage and retro style to match the decor of the place.

Take your imagination (and good taste) for a photocall to match

As expected, create a funny photocall for people to take pictures of all kinds of cool, and these ideas are perfect to put into practice: a stage based on curtains and flowers, bright letters to record the event and many gadgets to transform the guests into unique characters.

Decorate tables with precise detail

The time to choose the dishes requires a lot of patience and these images will help us understand how complicated it can be to assemble an event of this kind.

Locate unique spots for a movie dinner

As we said at the beginning, choosing the place where to celebrate the event is of vital importance and there are places so magical that they assure us that nothing can go wrong. On the shore of a lake, in the middle of the forest or in the middle of the field (in the style Jacquemus). With what option do you stay?

Will you inspire yourself in one of these images so that your wedding rubs the perfection?

Photos | Instagram @chiaraferragni

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