Deconstructed bob: 10 looks to be inspired by


The bob it has now become one of the top cuts for some time; loved by stars and women in general, it can be done in many different ways, and give the person who wears it an always glamorous and sophisticated look.

In particular, the so-called has been literally depopulating for a couple of years unstructured bob, which has certainly earned the title of one of the most versatile haircuts.

We are talking about a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic bob bob, a less linear and rigorous hairstyle in which you have fun playing with different lengths and gradually scaling the hair on the sides of the face, so as to create volume and harmony.

The deconstructed bob is a cut particularly requested in hair stylist salons, perhaps also because is good for everyone, and immediately gives a casual and carefree look; in short, those who see it and decide to try it generally fall in love with it!

How do you make a deconstructed bob?

As mentioned, we are talking about a more messy bob than the classic carré, in which the tips are longer than the hair on the nape; the hair stylist George Northwood, who has combed none other than Meghan Markle on the day of his Royal Wedding and is the author of the now iconic shag lob di Alexa Chung she defined it as “very feminine” adding that “it adapts to all face shapes because it is soft, without angularity”.

The deconstructed bob can therefore be of different lengths, be worn with or without a fringe, or with a side tuft. Those with a rather regular oval can wear an independently deconstructed bob short or medium, with or without bangs, and it is a cut to prefer in the short version especially if you have a particularly thin face or a rather short neck; on the contrary, round face and long neck are enhanced by a medium bob.

Obviously you can ask your hairdresser for advice to decide which type of deconstructed bob to opt for, but the most important thing to remember is that we must feel good and comfortable with ourselves, regardless of everything.

Long deconstructed bob

More than long, the hair must be medium so that we can talk about a deconstructed bob; in this case, the look can be revived with different accessories, such as clips or clothespins, especially on special occasions such as ceremonies, or when you try to give an extra touch of refinement to your look.

A long deconstructed bob (or rather, medium) can also be worn naturally, with a smooth or wavy fold, without the need for special adjustments.

Deconstructed bob and curly hair

Curls often tend to think that short or medium-short cuts are all off limits to them, and that bobs, in particular, are definitely unthinkable for those with indomitable hair and maybe suffering a bit of frizz.

Nothing more wrong! The deconstructed bob is in fact a cut that can also be worn by those who have wavy hair and even indomitable hedgehogs, but obviously you have to rely on an expert hairdresser, who knows how to perfectly handle the scissors, so as to give volume and movement and to give you a hairstyle that is all in all simple, easy to manage, which respects the nature of the hair.

Only warning, you know that curly hair will need a few more “maintenance” touches

Curly hair must therefore be treated with anti-frizz packs, and then, after drying the roots with a hairdryer, you can also finish with natural drying. You can then style your hair with a little oil, especially if you decide to wear fringe, but avoiding foam or other products, which tend to weigh down the hair.

Deconstructed bob: 10 inspiring cuts

In Italy one of the most imitated deconstructed bobs is that of the actress Anna Foglietta, godmother of the Venice Film Festival 2020, but in the recent past also Elisabetta Canalis, for example, she sported for a medium deconstructed bob, lightening her natural brown hair in shades that turned blonde.

But there are several stars who, at least once, have succumbed to the rebellious charm and bon ton at the same time of the deconstructed bob.

Here are some cuts to be inspired by.

Deconstructed Bob: the slightly romantic and a little rebellious cut to fall in love with

Source: instagram @ sheetsetta.anna

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