Damaged eyelashes after extensions: what to do to fix them


If your lashes are damaged after the extension, something has gone wrong. The extensions do not compromise the growth cycle of natural lashes, as long as they are applied wisely. We talk about it with the expert

Before moving on to the remedies to repair any post-lengthening damage, let’s clarify immediately that finding yourself with damaged eyelashes after extensions only happens in certain circumstances. That is, in case of application by unqualified personnel, with low quality glues and invasive methods. “A drop of fixing glue is enough on the delicate lash line to risk later a tear, which would leave a void between the lashes” – he says Danila Monaco, lashmaker at the Esthens and Beautyart center in Bologna.

They can also turn out to be disastrous home experiments to lengthen the lashes alone, in order to avoid going to the beautician. If you are not an expert – and most of the time you are not – it is difficult to attach an extension to every single lash (the one to one method). “Indeed, the almost certain risk is to glue a tuft of hair on 2-3 eyelashes together, thus compromising the growth cycle of the eyelashes themselves. The advantage of eyelash extensions is just what it is they fall out on their own together with natural lashes, thus following the physiological turnover ». An event that takes place without damaging the lashes, of course, but only if the initial treatment was done perfectly.

For avoid damage to the eyelashes it is essential to always contact one qualified lashmaker: this is the name of the expert in applying eyelash extensions who carried out a course with issue of certificate. Notice when you walk into a salon. Attention, therefore, to the advertisements on the Internet or to the “practitioners” at home, but also to those who are at the very beginning: you certainly don’t want them to experience you, do you?

After 4-5 weeks of extensions (i.e. their average duration), it is normal to see each other with short eyelashes, sparse and thin. As if they were impoverished. “In reality, it is often just a tactile and visual sensation, as our eye must again get used to how our eyes looked. eyelashes before being lengthened and thickened»- explains the lashmaker Monaco.

Extensions do not usually damage lashes, precisely because they fall out naturally. “They are removed with special products, called remover, only when you want to have a habitual look with a WOW effect look, which requires a continuous refill. After a year of “disassembly and reassembly” without pauses, it is normal for the lashes to suffer a little trauma ». Nothing, however, irreparable: the good news is that eyelashes regenerate easily.

Eyelash regrowth

What to do to strengthen the eyelashes? “If they are weakened, the first suggestion is to do not use mascara for at least a month, not even the one for sensitive eyes. The filming waxes weigh down the lashes, slowing down their recovery ». At the limit you can use eyelash primers, with a nourishing effect based on plant substances.

If you do eye make-up, it is good to use specific delicate make-up removers, formulated with chamomile, cornflower, aloe, rose water and calendula.

Vegetable oils

The most effective natural remedy to regrow eyelashes is castor oil ol ‘rosehip oil 100% pure. “They both nourish the lashes, plus they have antifungal and antiseptic functions. They are used with a clean mascara brush, to be bought in perfumery or in specialized beauty shops ». If you prefer old mascara, make sure you’ve removed any makeup residue. «Before applying the chosen oil, you can decongest the area with discs soaked in chamomile“.

The timing of eyelash strengthening care? 2 times a day for 2 months.

The strengthening serums for eyelashes

Against damage from extensions, there are specific serums to grow and lengthen the lashes, able to give visible results already after about 30 days. “The most effective contain a small percentage of prostaglandin, which is a derivative of arachidonic acid. It is a polyunsaturated fatty acid involved in blood circulation, an essential aspect for nourishing the hair bulb, including the eyelashes.
It is applied with a brush at the base of the lashes, as if it were an eyeliner, trying not to go beyond the lash line. Otherwise you risk seeing a few hairs grow too much on the eyelids and in the inner corner of the eye ». These products have no contraindications, as long as you resort to well-known and reliable brands.

«Other products, on the other hand, contain peptides, that is, substances that contain 2 or more proteins that nourish the lashes from the roots, accelerating their regrowth »- continues the expert. Complete the strengthening action amino acids such as arginine and creatine, both substances that make up the very structure of the hair.

To regrow the eyelashes, the vitamin-rich primers, in particular the vitamin F which contains polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The treatments in the salon

“Keratin aesthetic treatments strengthen the lashes, but it is not necessary to carry them out once in a salon” – the expert points out. To see concrete results, you need to continue at home with applications of specific vegetable oils or serums.

Products to regrow lashes

Rosehip oil from WELEDA
It is applied every evening to nourish the lashes.

Micellar eye make-up remover with ROSE WATER
Dedicated to very sensitive eyes and eyelids as can happen after eyelash extensions

REALASH thickening and lengthening serum
Based on peptides and arachidonic acid to “transform” your damaged eyelashes after extensions.

Optim-eyes Eyelashes & Eyebrows by FILORGA
A double treatment based on beptides with a strengthening and thickening action.

A blend of castor and almond oil, both of which are organic.

Strengthening serum by LA SAPONARIA
Strengthens and nourishes thanks to the mix of oils and vitamins.

MIRALASH eyelash serum
Strong treatment to lengthen and thicken lashes.

Eyelashes plucked from the bulb grow back?

If yours is a real extension disaster, with gaps between eyelashes, the trauma is much more serious than simple weakening. The causes can be many: poor quality of the products used, allergic reactions, accumulation of bacteria. “In these cases, cosmetic remedies do not produce effective solutions, and it is better to go to the dermatologist” – concludes the lashmaker Danila Monaco. Clear now why should eyelash extensions not be taken lightly?

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