Curvy friend, this is the down jacket that will convince you to abandon all the black coats in your wardrobe


There is a good reason why the plus-size collections of the very few brands that dare to design beyond 44 tend towards the dark: curvys are addicted to their slimming effect. It’s true: muted tones have the optical effect of stylizing the silhouette, but they also dull the mood and put us on a rather sad wavelength. Does it compensate? Surely there will be times when we prefer the total discretion of the black, but better without it becoming an obsession. If you open the closet and see that you only have dark clothes, It is time to reconsider priorities. Colors are not the heritage of any size or body type and conquering them will boost your self-esteem much more than settling for what you think suits you best. We propose a first step: this red feather.

Violeta's curvy feathers break the obsession with the slimming effect of black.

Violeta’s curvy feathers break the obsession with the slimming effect of black.

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If there is a fundamental basic in everyone’s wardrobe, it is the black down jacket, that long-suffering garment that you wear for everything and constantly. However, large sizes are usually limited to variations of the same when they want to expand the catalog of outerwear. Why? In winter more than ever we need colors that illuminate us and fill us with energy and optimism, regardless of whether they attract more or less attention. And if there is a color that triumphs in anoraks or feathers, it is red, great with jeans, skirts or dresses of any color and with an immediate rejuvenating effect. Of course: a good design for large sizes has to take special care of the proportions, like this one we found in Violeta.

The Violet feather pen that opts for red for large sizes.

The Violeta down jacket that opts for red for large sizes.

This may be the best suited red down jacket for plus sizes we’ve seen to date. First, because it does not bet on a huge and rigid volume, but the padding is quite sensible. Second, and more important, because it has the perfect length to suit almost everyone: instead of opting for a short pattern, the feathers cover the hips but without making it too long. It is perfect to introduce a vibrant and cheerful color in the saddest wardrobes. You have it in Violet, still in all sizes, for 79.99 euros.

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