Curls with the radiator: the crease of Tik Tok to avoid


Many young Italian tiktokers have recently posted, on the well-known Chinese social network, some videos in which they experiment strange ways of proposing hairstyles. Specifically, the girls made curls, taking advantage of the warmth of the radiators domestic. A really bizarre way, if we think that usually for the same result professional plates and irons are preferred.

The first Italian teenager who up Tik Tok showed how it is possible to use the radiator tubes as curling irons, was the Neapolitan kekka.mngcsl. Who lived the moment of world fame in a completely self-celebratory way. In fact, the beauty teachings she experimented on video have reached England, totaling about one million views. A phenomenon entirely viral if we take into account that the young girl from Campania is followed on Tik Tok by about 9 thousand followers.

Equally important figures also for Elisa Montorio; the young seventeen-year-old influencer soon imitated what kekka.mngcsl had done previously. The result? An undefined ring and a boom in views. Montorio – who has 20,000 people following her on her profile – sparked ben’s curiosity 12 million of people.

What are, however, the negative effects of the life hack? Should or shouldn’t it remain a game not to be imitated?

It is definitely a bizarre option. You should try it just for fun and make sure your hair is completely dry. (…) A curling iron is usually made with ceramic plates and meant for use on the hair, so I wouldn’t use the radiator method very often. Because most of these are cast iron and a lot of heat is produced.

These are the words of the hairdresser from Chicago, Gia Wendt on his Instagram profile.

Of a different opinion it seems to have been the hair stylist of the misses, Emanuele De Cicco, which hasn’t completely slaughtered the new way to make a perfect ring:

The important thing is to protect your face, since to curl your hair in this way, you have to bring it close to a very hot surface, and you risk getting burned. Therefore, it is essential for safety to use a 100% cotton terry towel (or other) as a shield.

If not used correctly, even the classic electric curling iron has its risks. This is true. However, although boredom reigns supreme in recent times – given the impossibility of going out for many teenagers – it would be advisable to always be very careful and aware when using such hot tools, such as those used in this case.

In the past, when the means to create hairstyles were less, it happened that grandmothers or aunts also used more Spartan methods. An example? The iron (with a cloth over the hair) to give the smooth effect to your hair, possibly frizzy.

Fortunately, many things have changed today and it could really be risky to use a heater so close to a person’s cheeks. Also, subjecting your hair to such excessive heat may not be very beneficial.

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