Cryotherapy, beauty therapy that uses cold


An aesthetic treatment that uses temperatures below freezing to give numerous benefits to the body: find out what they are

What is cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold therapy” (from the Greek kryos, cold), is an effective treatment which consists in the localized use of cold and which is widely used both in the aesthetic and medical fields.

Cryogenesis, the innovation of cryotherapy

Omeži, compared to conventional beauty centers, uses Cryo Science, the newest and most innovative technological solution on the market (the machines are of medical origin). In fact, the treatments do not take place through cryosauna, that is the cabin, similar to a cylinder, equipped with an upper opening for the head that uses liquid nitrogen to quickly lower the body temperature. Cryogenesis treatments take place through two specific systems: Cryo Penguin for localized cryotherapy and Cryo Artic, or cryochamber for total body. They both use microfiltered nitrogen gas, making it safer and less invasive.

What is cryotherapy for?

Cryotherapy produces numerous effects:

  • At the vascular level it determines a improvement of blood circulation, thanks to its vasoconstriction properties followed by a reflex vasodilation by the body, as a form of defense against excessive cooling.
  • At the nervous level, on the other hand, cold therapy favors a slowdown in the transmission of signals with a superficial anesthetic effect.
  • Cryotherapy, on the other hand, also plays a role on the metabolic level: it, in fact, slows down tissue metabolism as it acts on the metabolic-biochemical reactions. Finally it must be said that this treatment also contributes to the relaxation and distension of the muscles: a short application of cold in the area affected by the treatment, in fact, produces a significant improvement of muscle tone. We remind you that this technique is commonly used in the field of aesthetic medicine and physiotherapy.
  • Cryotherapy therefore, to name just a few effects, favors it disposal of toxins and waste products; reduces the imperfections of cellulite; dissolves fatty deposits; improves the appearance of the skin; improves sleep quality and is used as an adjunct to sleep therapy; speeds up the metabolism; produces an important anti-aging action; reduces the sense of tiredness.

The new types of cryotherapy

After years of studies and research, the experience has led OMEŽI to deepen and enhance these multiple benefits through the creation of a single protocol of its kind – Omezi Cryo Experience – developed with the researchers of the International Academy of Practical Estethic Medicine, which combines the exceptional therapeutic effects of cryotherapy with the application of 8 specific beauty products, again under the Omeži brand, through exclusive manipulations by specialized therapists and professional osteopaths focused on solving the countless problems encountered on a physical level, both in the aesthetic and sports fields.

The benefits of cryotherapy

The strengths of Omeži cryotherapy are:

  • the origin of the machinery from the medical world which guarantees maximum safety and effectiveness even if used only in the aesthetic field;
  • the protocols developed after years of studies that combine cryotherapy with cosmetic references and massages designed ad hoc;
  • the attention reserved to customers, always inquiring about the physical conditions of those who want to use cryotherapy (in some specific cases its use is not recommended) and, if necessary, the total willingness to communicate with doctors and professionals in order to interact optimal problem solving.

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