Crush alert: this Zara fringed knit dress, which feels like a glove, promises to sell out quickly


This season, we have made the knitwear our faithful companions for cold days, making striped jumpers the most successful of the season and comfortable jumpsuits the big reveal.

But without a doubt, knitted dresses have become the most elegant and warm of the season. That is why our leading brands continue to bet on them in their collections, among which from time to time jewelry such as the one we have just discovered appears among the hangers of the garments recently arrived at Zara.

With a round neckline and armhole sleeves, this seemingly simple knitted dress in black It is the most practical and flattering. Made of a soft and comfortable fabric that fits perfectly to the skin, it has long fringes at the bottom, a detail that makes it very special.

Turned into an object of desire, this knit dress is most flattering.

Turned into an object of desire, this knitted dress is most flattering.

Available in three different sizes, S, M and L, this comfortable dress will be the absolute protagonist of your outfits, in which you can combine it with both a flat shoe and a high-heeled shoe, maximizing your figure.

With fringes at the bottom, this dress promises to sell out quickly.

With fringes at the bottom, this dress promises to sell out quickly.

Of course, we are very much afraid that this knitted dress has its days numbered. It has already become one of the brand’s objects of desire, at the moment it is available in all its sizes, but taking into account count its price, 29.95 euros, promises to sweep before the end of the year.

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