Cruella with Emma Stone: how to imitate her beauty look


Young and punk rock. The beauty look of the new Disney Cruella is a concentration of magnetism, uniqueness and a pinch of madness. A make-up that is really worth imitating. That’s how.

Marked, punk, definitely captivating. Anyone who has seen even the trailer for Cruella (Cruella), the Disney prequel to the famous “101 Dalmatians”, will certainly have noticed the beauty look by Emma Stone aka Cruella De Mon, the “very bad” protagonist of the film. A girl who, from a simple aspiring fashion designer, turns into the most terrible and fearful woman in the world of fashion. Obsessed with work and getting what she wants so much that she steals a whole Dalmatian litter, from which she will inspire her whole look.

An evil personality, but also tremendously true. Excessive but elegant, and certainly inimitable. In short, a true glamor icon that incorporates the punk tones of 70s London, proposing a style that mixes vintage clothes with rock star make-up to be copied. Here, then, how to imitate Cruella’s beauty look, in a few simple steps of pure charisma and self confidence.

Cruella, the make up

It doesn’t take long to understand what influences have inspired the make-up of this modern Cruella: 70s punk. A rebel beauty look, gritty, decisive, sometimes crazy. Which conveys character, uniqueness and transgression. But also, simply, the possibility of be what you are, freely and without constraints.

A bold makeup based on three essential elements: diaphanous skin, fiery red lips and smokey eyes. A make-up capable of transforming Estella, a young and quiet girl who is just starting out in the world of work, into Cruella. A confident woman, obsessed with white and black, with a dark aura and profoundly true to itself. And that you can try to imitate while having fun.


The first step for a beauty look in perfect Cruella style is the skin. Very white and uniform. To be made with a mattifying powder (to avoid the shiny effect on the face) but that does not detach too much from your natural complexion (the protagonist of the film, Emma Stone, already has very fair skin without any kind of makeup).

Obviously without forgetting to cover any imperfections with a foundation and / or a concealer to make the skin even more homogeneous. For those who have naturally very light skin, however, it is sufficient to pass a very light powder to even out the complexion (but yes you can also use nothing for a totally natural look).

Cruella make up


And if the skin is white, the eyes can only be black. One smokey eyes marked, in perfect punk rock style. To do it like Cruella, just use:

  • a black pencil or better yet a eyeliner, to be applied on the upper part of the eye, to define and lengthen it (a lot);
  • L’black and white eyeshadow, blended on the eyelid but which can also be applied lightly in the lower part of the eye, like a shadow (better to use the pencil though). Ideal if you want to get an even more magnetic look;
  • a black mascara, volumizing and long-lasting (you can also opt for false eyelashes);
  • a pencil and a comb for eyebrows, in order to define and mark them more.

Cruella eyes

For a super magnetic look! To be recreated whenever you wish.

How to create a smokey eyes

To do this it is enough follow the right steps, ensuring you a fabulous result:

  • first it is applied to eye one primer layer thin,
  • then proceed by making a sort of edge with the pencil, From the bottom to the top (up to the hollow of the eyelid) which will gradually fade;
  • at this point theeyeshadow which must be the same color as the pencil (this must also be blended). Or as in the case of Cruella of two colors, one dark and one lighter, to give more volume to the eye;
  • if you want you can add a pencil line at the bottom of the eye and a small one light point in the inner corner;
  • finally, we proceed with the application of the mascara, obviously black.


The last step to recreate a face beauty look in perfect Cruella style are the lips. To be enhanced with the nuance par excellence, synonymous with safety and seduction, the Red. A bright, bright color, we could say flaming. To show off with ease.


Able to embellish any look, even the most basic ones. To get a state of the art make-up, you can opt for liquid lipsticks, with strong and bright tones or for a classic lipstick to keep opaque or, if you prefer, to be accentuated with a gloss. The important thing is that it makes you feel always at ease.

Cruella lipstick

Bi-colored hair like a real Cruella

If it is true that make-up is a fundamental part of Cruella’s look, it is also true that the aspect that has most influenced her style icon it was her hair. A bi-colored hair, white to black. With a short cut, like carrè or helmet, cotton in perfect 70’s style.

A style that immediately became fashionable, copied by celebs around the world. With short or long cuts and shaved on one side, in a punk rock style. Even two-tone just like Cruella (albeit in decidedly softer tones). A hair style that aims at the total freedom to express what’s inside, exactly as it is. Not surprisingly in the film, young Estella dyes her hair red before unleashing her true nature (and her real hair).

Hair with a punk soul

What is fundamental to imitate this look, beyond the more or less long cut, is to let yourself go and “to lose control“. Unhinge every rule in terms of proportion, volume and color, to show and emphasize, even with the hair, the own personality.

This does not mean neglecting them, but leaving them free to express themselves with a deliberately disheveled and totally natural look.

Maybe even daring a little with some special effects, like a little crest or a Miley Cyrus cut. With the help of some spray of hairspray or volumizer to give more movement to the hair, in perfect vintage style.

Cruella punk

In short, it takes very little to recreate the coolest beauty look of the moment and transform (obviously only in appearance) into one very personal version of Cruella. Notwithstanding that, as loudly broadcast in the film, the real beauty is in feeling at ease. Showing himself with courage and pride exactly how it is.

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