Cruella, how to imitate eye make-up


To recreate the glam rock look of Cruella – Emma Stone in Cruella focuses everything on the eyes!

Attention dark girls, Cruella De Vil, or Cruella De Mon is back.

The film is in fact being shown in cinemas Cruella, which tells the story of Estella, nth bad of the cartoons to which the Disney he dedicated a film. In this case, the deeds of a determined and unscrupulous young stylist are narrated on the screen, which we will later find in the famous 101 Dalmatians.

To interpret it is a sensational Emma Stone, who never shows off like in this case crazy beauty looks and all to be copied, in the name of audacity, acceptance of oneself and of girl power. Above all, the eyes are highlighted, a window on emotions that certainly cannot go unnoticed and that Cruella therefore decides to highlight with a lot, a lot of black but not only.

Super rock mood

As a backdrop to the film, the London in the 1970s, theater of the adventures of Estella and the punk scene in which one moves Emma Stone extremely attractive, sporting looks very similar to those of the punk style icon, Vivienne Westwood.

In addition to the bi-colored hair, to strike is her make-up, and in particular the eye makeup, which, inspired by the punk and new wave subcultures, becomes extremely dark.

The macceptance test

Behind the makeup, but also the hair, of this young Cruella, there is a acceptance message very important.

The protagonist, in fact, up to a certain point in the story dyes her hair, but then decides not to do it anymore and to show off her natural hair, freeing her true self.


Eyes in the foreground

A declaration of independence and identity clear that also passes from punchy eye makeup, biting, which with dark colors and decisive application techniques aims to communicate strength, determination and character. To confirm this to Vogue UK was also Nadia Stacey, who worked on the set of Emma Stone’s beauty look: «The main theme of the film is to feel free to be who you are. Beauty is being at ease in your own skin and having the power to show yourself how you want ».

emma stone

Dark-gothic style

To imitate the beauty look of Cruella by Emma Stone and show off fairytale eyes we cannot ignore the combination that has always characterized the figure of this Disney character: the black and white.

In fact, in addition to her hair, Estella also sports it on the eyes. Here are the steps and the essential products to try to recreate this super cool color combination.

Highlight the eye area with the pencil

First, take an eye pencil soft, but at the same time resistant and suitable to be applied also on lower rhyme.

Use it to do this and to create the outline of the upper one. It is not necessary to be particularly precise, since after you have spread it you will have to blend it as much as possible.

In doing so, move from the inside out, forming the classic tail typical of eyeliner and trying to prolong it as much as possible.


Apply lots of eyeshadow it’s white

At this point switch toeyeshadow, to be chosen of course black.

Spread it copiously over the entire mobile eyelid. Also in this case blend it very outwards, following the pencil line.

It is the turn of the White, to be applied with a clean brush on the top of the eye. Be careful not to touch the black while you spread it because at least in the area under the eyebrows the division between the two colors must remain clear. When you’re done, just fade slightly where they join.


Apply mascara

To imitate Cruella and her extremely rock eye makeup, mascara certainly cannot be missing.

Pick one that you marry both stretching and volumizing properties and pass it endless times. The more defined the lashes, the better.


Be daring with false lashes

If yours they are not long enough and you fear that in the midst of all that black there is a risk of disappearing, no fear, Cruella would certainly not have let herself be disheartened by this little detail, but would have immediately resorted to plan B: the application of Fake eyelashes mileage.

In this way the metropolitan doe look served.


If black and white Cruella seems too much

Undoubtedly the makeup eyes of Cruella it certainly cannot be called soap and water, and if it seems excessive to you even for a transgressive evening, you can get inspired by her by opting for lighter alternatives.

Smokey eyes

With the classic smokey eyes you will not go unnoticed, however, but the choice of only black as a color to make it is certainly less strange, and therefore smarter.


Purple or red alternatives

Among the nuances so loved by Cruella also the Violet and the red.

Both synonymous with character and determination, are perfect for a strong eye make-up, but not as hard as the previous proposals.

Blend eyeshadows of these shades on your eyes and accentuate the result with a thin line of eyeliner and, again, lots of mascara. The dark girl result will still be guaranteed.


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