Cruella, 10 shades of lipstick inspired by the film


The archenemy of the Dalmatian of the beloved Charge of the 101 is the protagonist of a new, much-talked-about Disney movie, of course. TO Cruella, played by Emma Stone, an entire film was dedicated to explore the story of one of cinema’s most famous and fashionable villains.

The film is set in London, in 70’s, in the midst of the punk rock revolution. Estella she is a young scammer who over time feels the need to indulge her darker side, thus becoming the vengeful Cruella. But not only that: with her bold and aggressive look, the woman is a true style icon. One of the most loved elements of the character’s make-up are undoubtedly her lipsticks. The shades of intense red that dye the lips of the famous villain are an inspiration for all lovers of looks with a focus on the mouth.

Cruella film premiere

Let’s see the 10 shades of lipstick to discover to imitate the style of the wicked Cruella!

Fiery red, the Cruella Red par excellence

The Red lipstick is one of the elements that characterize the looks of Cruella or Crudelia, and it is also one of the most loved cosmetics by those looking for a sensual and attractive make-up.

This product, in fact, together with a luminous and very light foundation and a mascara that gives volume to the lashes, allows you to create an impact make-up in no time.

With bright colors, however, especially when it comes to red, there is often the risk of imperfections.

How to avoid imperfections with the fire-colored Rosso Cruella (but also with all intense lipsticks)

Follow some small precautions to apply the fiery red lipstick flawlessly and without smudging:

  • moisturizes the lips well, possibly carrying out a light scrub first;
  • choose a quality lip primer that helps you to make the color last flawlessly;
  • apply a pencil on the lip contour to avoid coming out of the edges when you then apply the lipstick;
  • with the help of a brush, apply the lipstick starting from the center outwards, blending it carefully;
  • use a veil of a paper handkerchief or tissue: place it gently on your lips and then dust some powder on top with a large brush for the earths.

Please note: these precautions do not actually apply only to this lipstick color, but to whatever lip product present intense and full nuances!

Dark red to not go unnoticed

If you want to get sexy and elegant lips, try the dark red lipstick, which perfectly reflects Cruella’s style. You can combine it with an important and eye-catching eye make-up, if you want to be daring, or with a nude eye make-up to ensure that the spotlight is on the lips.

dark red lipstick

Brown for warm lips

The brown lipstick is suitable for both very clear complexions who want to get a lot of contrast glamor, both for those medium-dark, which they want to keep warm and intense colors.

The greedy-looking lips, tinted in chocolate color, can be combined, for an even more chic make-up, with a simple eye make-up, but with a golden light point.

Brown lipstick and blond hair

Neutral pink for a simple but not shy look

The neutral pink, which goes brown, is the perfect choice if you want to stay on naked tinde, but still give a touch of color to the lips, especially on the warm tones. Thinking of it as a perfect shade only for winter, however, is wrong: consider that a very natural effect is created on tanned skin. If, on the other hand, you have a fair complexion, the resulting contrast is very refined.

Cruella style pink brown lipstick

Black lipstick to reflect Cruella’s rock soul

We could not fail to mention, among the lipsticks that best reflect Cruella’s aggressive style, that one black. It is a product that, contrary to popular belief, is really good for everyone: on fair skin a unique game of contrasts is created, on dark skin the beauty of the complexion is enhanced.

We recommend that you combine it with a total black look, or even to something more refined, perhaps adding one leather jacket as an element to complete the outfit.

Rihanna Cruella style black lipstick

Cherry red, the timeless for greedy lips

The Cherry red is another of the most popular and timeless colors for those looking for lips with a strong but elegant character. The ideal look to enhance this lipstick is a light eye make-up, with an intense mascara and possibly a thread of eyeliner to lengthen the gaze and create a “cat-like” effect.

cherry red lipstick

Delicately sensual light red

One color of lipstick bold like Cruella, but at the same time very fine, and the light red. Perfect especially on the tanned complexion, it can also be worn on a clean and simple face to create a wonderful focus on the mouth.
A tip for an envious style? Combine it with a manicure of the same shade: it is also perfect on short nails and you will have a neat and stylish look!

Matte texture for velvet-effect lips

The lipsticks from matt finish give a beautiful velvet effect to the lips for a sensual and chic result. Their strong point is their very long hold and their ability to remain flawless even after several hours.
However, you must consider that for an appearance free of smudges and imperfections, you must pay attention to the application, which is slightly more difficult than classic lip products. The risk, in fact, is without a good moisturizing base, they tend to dry out very quickly and create absolutely unaesthetic cracks.
Therefore, before applying the lipstick, use a lip balm or a nourishing lip balm.

light brown girl with matte red lipstick

Glossy finishes for a glam rock version of Cruella

For lips vibrant and sensual in the perfect style of Cruella, but without giving up a touch glamor, opt for a glossy lipstick.
You can make your lips shine while coloring them with a product that, nowadays, has an increasingly surprising duration!
The bright lipsticks, then, are perfect with an infinite number of outfits, from the simplest everyday ones, to sophisticated evening looks.

girl applying a shiny red lipstick

If matte colors don’t drive you crazy, i lipstick with a metallic finish they are perfect for reproducing that look punk rock in the style of Cruella!
These lipsticks inspired by the 80s look are able to satisfy all tastes: you can dare with bright reds or purples, or stay on sweeter shades like pink.
Green light to sparkling experimentation with just a little foresight: apply the chosen product with care and calm, because you risk smudging it and finding it everywhere!

Scarlet red to communicate strength and passion

If you feel like a woman too scrappy is passionate like Cruella, you can’t help but opt ​​for a lipstick scarlet red.
This particular shade is intense and communicates a lot of strength, thanks to its full and decisive color.

Scarlet red lipstick

Rosa to feel like that Estrella who will turn into Cruella

After all, Cruella also had a romantic part … And if you can’t repress it, you can express it with a pink lipstick combined with bolder eye make-up! Who said that this shade is only suitable for romantic looks? Let yourself be carried away by the freedom to wear a lipstick with delicate tones whenever you want, expressing yourself at your best as the protagonist of the film teaches us!

Girl with pink lipstick

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