Corrector for dark circles: how to use it and the best ones

Correttore, tanti benefici in un solo prodotto per un viso perfetto

The corrector it is a kind of wild card product, one of the first that you start using when you are still a teenager and a beginner with make-up. Its main strengths are its ease of application and, above all, its lending itself to different uses.

In a few minutes it gives new life to the eyes and the skin of the face, allowing to minimize defects and imperfections, including the hated dark circles (which give the look a tired and tired look) and the dreaded pimples (able to always pop up in the least opportune moments or before of important occasions). Here is that the corrector comes to our rescue.

Eye Contour: How to Eliminate Dark Circles, Bags or Wrinkles

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Corrector for dark circles: what it is

The corrector it is inevitable in the daily beauty routine, capable of lending itself to many different uses to make make-up flawless. It covers dark circles, pimples and various imperfections, corrects discolorations, creates strategic light points on the face to give the make-up a three-dimensional effect. The skin appears more radiant and a healthier complexion, with eyes in the foreground.

It is essential to choose the right color. The shades vary from green (used to combat redness), to orange-peach (to cover dark circles) to beige (to cover imperfections). It must adapt perfectly to the color of the foundation and powder, so as to have a natural effect and no detachment of unsightly color.

Concealer: how to use it and the different types

There are different types of concealer, with different formulations, each more or less suitable for the type of skin on which it is going to be used:

  • compact concealer: it is powder-based and allows you to mix even more colors, to make the effect as natural as possible;
  • cream concealer: suitable for those with dry skin and more mature skin, because the creamy consistency guarantees good coverage without highlighting too much wrinkles and expression lines;
  • concealer stick: it has a very soft consistency, similar to that of a lipstick. It is especially suitable for the immediate correction of scars, small pimples, dark circles and signs of fatigue;
  • fluid concealer: it is the most versatile one, which easily adapts to all skin types, but finds its best application on young skin or those with little problems. It is not recommended, in fact, for those who have to minimize or correct important imperfections on the skin of the face;
  • pen corrector: practical and comfortable, it can be used in a very short time as if it were a pen and also has good coverage. The product comes out from the tip, which is made up of small bristles;
  • pencil concealer: given the great precision with which it can be used, it is especially suitable for application on broken capillaries or small pimples. But it’s also ideal for quick touch-ups when time is short.

The two ideal methods for applying foundation are undoubtedly fingers, because the heat of the skin heats the product and makes it easier to spread, e the drop sponge, which modulates and blends the product. For corrections, such as those of pimples, a brush with a small tip is very suitable, which guarantees precision.

Concealer: the 4 best

In order not to make a mistake in buying the corrector, here is a list of the most reliable ones currently on the market, which combine an affordable price and optimal yield.

Match Stix Matte Skinstick Fenty Beauty

correctorSource: Sephora

Without a doubt it is one of the top products of the moment, belonging to the very lucky one Rihanna’s collection. The product is suitable for any type of complexion, in fact it is available in as many as 20 different shades of color. Smooth texture, impalpable finish and buildable coverage, this concealer can be used both for correcting imperfections and for contouring.
Buy now on Sephora.

Maybelline Fit Me

correctorSource: Amazon

Liquid concealer with natural finish, very useful for minimizing skin defects and effectively covering imperfections and redness. Its oil-free formula also makes it suitable for oily skin and adapts to all skin tones.
Buy now on Amazon.

Infaillible more than L’Oreal concealer

correctorSource: Amazon

Concealer with a natural effect and waterproof formula, guarantees a hold up to 24 hours; it is easy to apply and blends perfectly with the skin. It can be used all over the face, to give the complexion a healthier and more homogeneous appearance, or just under the eyes to minimize the unsightly effect of dark circles.
Buy now on Amazon.

Full coverage concealer Kiko

correctorSource: Kiko

Very high coverage concealer and creamy formula, specific for correcting imperfections. The consistency is light, non-greasy and easy to apply thanks to the anti-thickness pigments. Thanks to the sebum-absorbing complex, it also adapts to the most oily skin.
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Organic concealers: the 3 best

For organic lovers or for those who, having specific skin problems, need products with an inci as natural as possible, there are also concealers that meet these needs.

Sublime Luminous Concealer PuroBio

correctorSource: Amazon

Perfect for illuminating the face, eliminating imperfections and tired expression. Contains only plant ingredients such as avocado oil (plumping and antioxidant) and hyaluronic acid.
Buy now on Amazon.

Lavera Natural Concealer

correctorSource: Amazon

Like all Lavera cosmetics, this concealer is also 100% certified natural, made with home-grown ingredients. This guarantees a high skin tolerability. Contains only selected and organic substances, including licorice root extract and shea butter. Perfect against dark circles, redness, signs of fatigue.
Buy now on Amazon.

So’Bio Etic – CC Cream 5 in 1

correctorSource: Amazon

This CC cream is perfect for having a flawless complexion in minutes: its 5-in-1 formula offers everything your skin needs to have a radiant appearance and a healthy glow. Corrects discoloration, covers redness and small pigmentation spots, nourishes and moisturizes, promotes an even complexion, protects against skin aging and the harmful effects of sunlight. Contains pomegranate extracts, ginko biloba extract, hyaluronic acid and shea butter. The formula is certified organic.
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