Converse shoes for brides (and grooms) that are perfect to wear as second shoes on your wedding day


Find a
wedding look in the low cost it is much easier than what appears. More and more firms include in their collections
affordable apparel and accessories with which to be the perfect girlfriend without wasting. Zara’s wedding dress or this one from a luxury designer from H&M are a good example of this. Now,
Converse has launched into the bridal world with a collection of
sneakers for those looking for comfort and originality on their wedding day.

This is a selection of sneakers with the iconic Converse model with high and low cane and that you can
personalize with different messages related to the bridal world. They are available in white, ecru, black, light blue gray or navy blue and to them you can add some words that have a nice typography:
Just Married, I do, bride, groom, Mr. or Mrs..

What’s more,
you can also choose the color of the tongue, the seams, the laces, the interior and wear it the same as the rest of the shoe or combine it with a different one. You can also choose the color of the sole and the details of it and even the rings through which the laces pass. A shoe that you can wear completely to your liking and that is a perfect option for those who say that “If I get married, I’ll do it in sneakers” or also for those who want
a second more comfortable shoe with which to give everything.

The tall model costs
90 euros and the low 85 And it not only seems to us an original and comfortable choice for the bride and groom, but also a perfect gift option with which to surprise the couple. Hoot!

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