Controversy with the first dress with a mask included … For or against?


Its use, in addition to being mandatory, has generated a lot of controversy. And is that the arrival of protective masks to our lives it has awakened all kinds of opinions for or against. So much so that has generated a great debate that has increased after they have become one more accessory of our daily outfits and a new complement in the world of fashion. The matching masks with the clothes -as we could see in New York Fashion Week-, the controversial chains and matching bags as a new accessory or their use for sports have been some of the issues that have been debated Social. The last? He dress with built-in mask that he has worn a model and that it is already sold out.

There are many who think that making an element of protection against the virus, a fashion accessory with funny prints is frivolous. However, there are many others who think that since its use is mandatory (and for the good of all), it better be beautiful so that it seems more pleasant to use them. Its inclusion in clothing brands is more than a fact and many are the firms that have already included them as part of their new collections. So much so, that until ha dress has been designed that incorporates it and has released it Lottie moss, a London model.

It’s about a long-sleeved mini-cut knit dress in black. It is characterized by what could be a continuous raised or turned neck towards the chin, mouth, and nose, thus covering this entire area of ​​the face, and ending in strips that are hooked to the ears. The garment in question is from the firm Pretty little thing and it has caused such a furor that it is already exhausted and disappeared from the web. Even so, it seems that it is a design that other brands are already joining, since we have found it on another website where you can buy it for 33.98 euros.

The model wore it in a look ‘total black’ with lace-up military boots and a matching baguette bag. A photo that doesn’t has been slow to go viral on social media and that has generated positions both in favor and against. Of course, we hope that if its use is extended it will always be with a mask approved and complies with all official protection filters below.

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