Combination skin in summer: the things you should never do


Combination skin is perhaps the most complex to treat and therefore the one most at risk of slips that could make it worse. Be careful not to take these missteps.

There facial skin is different for each of us and for this very reason it has specific needs and is in need of ad hoc treatments. Depending on the characteristics, there are three types that exist: dry skin, oily skin and combination skin. The latter it is essentially the fusion of the two previous ones and this characteristic makes it slightly more difficult to treat.

How to recognize combination skin

There mixed skin you can easily recognize why it is not uniform but characterized by dry areas, which crack and stretch in some circumstances, and others oily, which tend to always be a little oily, and in which the pores are visibly dilated.

This is usually the famous T-zone, that is to say forehead, nose and chin, which polishes easily and where it is not uncommon to develop more or less severe forms of acne, or blackheads appear.

If you have combination skin and in the summer it seems to you that the situation is worse than the rest of the year, maybe you are making some of these mistakes which, instead, you should really avoid.

Skip the skincare routine

Doing a regular skincare routine is essential for all and even more so in the case of mixed skin, which to maintain a balance she needs to be pampered more and more precisely than the others. Even if you are at the beach and the desire to disconnect from any kind of chore makes you want to put on a break the good morning habits, do not do it.

Indeed, armed with will and remember to do it morning and evening.

The products to use for cleansing

To wash your face, opt for gentle cleansers, so that the driest parts of your combination skin are not affected. Avoid therefore, at least in the warmer months, foaming agents, but prefer gel formulas to them.


What to do next

After washing your face, apply a serum to vitamin C and then one moisturizing cream, also in gel and normalizing sebum, whose action is precisely to re-establish a balance between the driest areas of the face and the fattest areas of the T zone.

Among the ingredients useful for this purpose and that you should look for in the products you use: ceramides, hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, vitamin C, tocopherol, vitamin E and salicidic acid.

Don’t forget the masks

Once a week, approximately, also performed one purifying mask with green clay, which helps eliminate blackheads and impurities, prevent pimples and control the skin’s shine.


Don’t scrub for fear of ruining your tan

A die hard myth is that it is scrubby acting on the first layer of skin, make the tan fade away prematurely. But maybe you don’t know that the tan does not form there but deeper therefore even in the face of an exfoliating treatment it remains firmly in place.

Not eliminating this step is essential for combination skin, because letting impurities and dead cells remain on the skin means increasing the production of sebum and greatly worsen the situation. Here’s how to prepare a perfect scrub for combination skin in no time.

Cocoa powder and honey scrub

This combination of elements is ideal for combination skin because the cocoa has a gentle exfoliating action and honey has antibacterial properties and nutrients. Combine a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa with one of honey and when the mixture is homogeneous spread it on the face with circular movements.

Avoid products in oil

Those with combination or oily skin are often convinced that they have to stay light years away from oily products but this is also an absolutely wrong belief in this case. Because of the property of simile, in fact, the oil eliminates the oil, and is therefore the ideal product for this type of skin.

Use oil-based products either to remove make-up, is for subsequent treatments. This will not make the situation worse at all but will keep the sebum at bay.


Use liquid foundations

In summer the basic face makeup can be minimized, since sun and tan often alone contribute to making the complexion homogeneous and with an enviable color.

However, it does not exist no prohibition on the use of foundation, even if you have combination skin, as long as it’s the right one.

Although with the summer the advice that is most popular is to opt for liquid and light formulas, in your case doing so could turn into a beauty disaster, since these types contribute and not a little to polishing the face.

The foundation ideal for combination skin, it is compact and mattifying.


Abundant with highlighter

Another very strong temptation in the summer is to want to create super bright and glow beauty look, which postpone the sensation of sun-kissed skin.

Unfortunately too this idea is not very suitable for combination skin, which in itself tends to shine a lot during the day. Excess with the illuminate or with a luminous bronzer it could make you run the risk of looking sweaty rather than bright. Better therefore, leave it alone and opt for opaque face powders.


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