Combination skin in summer: suggestions for being perfect


Mixed skin in summer? Here’s how to take care of it by following some simple tips to always be perfect. Guaranteeing wellbeing and beauty to your skin, at any time of the day.

For each type of skin its routine and its tricks to always be at the top. Especially in summer, when heat, sun, sea water, sand, etc., tend to put a strain on it. But what to do for always keep your combination skin perfect, preserving its health and well-being in all its parts?

Just follow a few little advice and good habit, able to preserve the skin and take care of the different peculiarities of this type of skin. Few steps to introduce into your own beauty routine for a guaranteed effect. Here, then, is how to behave in case of combination skin in the hottest season of the year.

First step, recognize combination skin

The first thing to do to take targeted care of combination skin and always be at the top is to recognize it, considering the different characteristics and peculiarities that distinguish it. This type of skin, in fact, the presence of distinct features, or the presence of areas tending to dry (more easily irritable and easy to redden) e others fatter (with a greater concentration of imperfections and excess sebum) generally in correspondence with the zone T (forehead, nose, chin).

Precisely for this reason it is unthinkable to treat it uniformly with the same products or precautions, but it is good differentiate your skincare depending on the part. For an optimal result, everywhere.

control combination skin

Mixed skin? Focus on cleansing

Once you understand the characteristics of your combination skin it is good to start immediately take care of it with careful and targeted skincare, focusing in particular on two aspects: cleansing and hydration.

For facial cleansing, combination skin needs careful care and products that help the skin a get rid of impurities in a gentle way, rebalancing the dermis without irritating it. By doing this you will get an effective cleansing both for the oiliest areas of the skin and for the more sensitive and dry ones. A fundamental step to be performed both in the morning, as the first step of your beauty routine, and in the evening, before going to bed. To cleanse the skin and allow it to breathe and regenerate during the night.


To do it correctly during the summer season, it is good to opt for products with super delicate formulations, such as those in gels and always natural. But also the mousses ol ‘micellar water delicate, to be passed on the face both in the morning and in the evening.

mixed skin cleansing

Green light to the tonic!

To have a combination skin that is always at the top, a step that should never be forgotten (immediately after cleansing) is theapplication of the tonic. And the reasons are really many. This product, in fact, helps to:

  • remove impurities and any make-up residues;
  • eliminate excess sebum and dead cells;
  • rebalance the natural acidity of the skin;
  • moisturize, soothe and purify the skin, also carrying out an astringent action.

In short, a real cure-all for the skin and a indispensable step for the care of combination skin.

tonic mixed skin

Summer and combination skin, pay attention to hydration

Another very important factor for combination skin care in the summer is hydration. An indispensable element for the health and well-being of the skin and, consequently, also to guarantee it always looks at the top, at any time.

To do this it is important to opt for gods water-based products, which do not grease the epidermis (preserving the fattest part and avoiding unnecessarily burdening it) but able to maintain the correct levels of liquids inside the skinand, avoiding evaporation and dehydration (which would worsen the conditions and health of the driest areas).

mixed skin hydration

Creams based on:

  • vitamin C and E;
  • ceramides;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • phospholipids;
  • salicidic acid;
  • etc.

In addition, if the use of only one product does not convince you, nothing prevents you from apply two different ones depending on the part to be treated. For ad hoc and super effective hydration.

More hydration more natural oils

Very often, at the base of the shiny part of combination skin, there is an imbalance in the epidermis due to the lack of the right levels of essential fatty acids and natural oils. And this is why the skin tends to produce more sebum to rebalance itself.

To prevent this from becoming excessive and to ensure proper hydration to the skin, therefore, it is good to apply products that slow down this reaction of the epidermis, bringing it back to its proper balance. Like? Through targeted treatments based on pure botanical oils. To be applied on the face in the evening before bed and leaving it to act all night. A real touch of well-being for combination skin.

mixed skin oils

Pay attention to the eye area

Still on the subject of hydration (a very, very important factor), when it comes to combination skin it is good to put a particular focus on a extremely sensitive part of the face, the eye contour. An area that is much drier than the others and therefore requires more attention to always be perfect.

That is why it is good to take care of it with gods specific, targeted products and suitable for alleviating the feeling of heaviness and / or fatigue on the part, giving you a look that is always fresh, healthy and lively. For a truly radiant look and exceptional skin.

mixed skin eyes

Mask or multi mask

Among the various fundamental steps for the care of mixed skin in the summer (but not only), masks can certainly not be missing. And the plural is not used at random. Since it is a type of non-homogenous skin, in fact, even the treatments that are applied to it must follow this trend, to avoid not being sufficiently effective or damaging the skin.

This is why, in case of combination skin, it is possible opt for a double mask, using two different products at the same time:

  • for the fattest areas and prone to the formation of impurities, masks are perfect rebalancing and purifying sebum, for example those with white or green clay):
  • for the driest areas action ones are fine moisturizing, soothing and revitalizing like those based on aloe vera.

To be applied once every seven / ten days, without ever exaggerating in order not to alter the balance of the skin.

mixed skin mask

Combination skin and scrub: of course yes, but only if it is delicate

The same goes for the scrub. Even in the case of mixed skin it is possible to do it (indeed it is necessary) obviously always respecting the characteristics of the skin. Banned too aggressive exfoliating products which would damage the driest and most sensitive part of the skin.

Fine, however, those with delicate formulation based on honey, which help the skin to eliminate dead cells and any impurities, freeing the pores but without attacking the skin. And of course by paying the utmost attention and care during exfoliation, without ever exaggerating in time and in strength.

mixed skin scrub

Perfect make up for perfect combination skin

For a combination skin that is always at the top, make-up must also be targeted. And to do this, just follow the little ones tricks of pure beauty, one of all the preparation of a perfect base:

  • starting with a primer which helps to correct any imperfections and better apply makeup. By opting for an opacifying formulation especially for the T-zone;
  • foundation, to choose from those mineral-based, mat, oil free and with integrated sun protection and always super natural;
  • a touch of face powder always mineral-based to be applied only on areas that tend to be shinier;
  • corrector, to be used only if necessary in areas where the skin tends to be drier, to correct any imperfections.

mixed skin make up

Absorbent tissues, a beauty ally

Finally, a great ally to always have a perfect and top look is the absorbent tissues. Small sheets of very thin absorbent paper, to be used to pat the skin, especially on the areas most subject to the classic shiny effect. Eliminating excess sweat from the face but without compromising the finish of your make-up.

A simple and effortless way to show off an always neat appearance and guarantee your skin maximum well-being even during the hottest hours of the day.

mixed tissue skin

A few steps with a guaranteed effect, to allow your combination skin to stay healthy and become there true protagonist of the summer. With a beauty look that is always at the top and an enviable look at any time of day or night.

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