Combination skin in summer: all the best tips and tricks


Combination skin requires special attention all year round, but especially during the summer period when the t-zone tends to get greasy and shiny and the other areas of the face to dry out. Find out how to take care of it and make it shine with a few simple tricks!

During summer season you need to take care of your skin by following one specific beauty routine for the needs of this period, especially when it is mixed. You need to know how to follow the right steps and use the best products to meet the need for hydration in some areas and for regulating sebum in others that are more oily that tend to shine a lot.

It all starts with proper cleansing to deeply cleanse the skin, leaving it fresh and hydrated. Then, from the tonic to the cream, you have to use the right cosmetics carefully and delicately.

Find out how to manage your combination skin during the hottest and sunniest time of the year, keeping it soft, nourished and shiny!

mixed skin in the mirror

Start by cleansing with delicate and refreshing products for combination skin

We all know: cleansing it is the first step of the beauty routine and plays a fundamental role in the health and beauty of the skin. The morning cleansing eliminates the sebum produced during the night, while the evening cleansing removes traces of make-up and impurities accumulated during the day (even staying at home!).

face cleansing gel in mousse for mixed skin

If you have combination skin, in the summer you should opt for foaming products that have a lighter and softer texture, but give a feeling of cleanliness and wonderful freshness. You will reuse the cleansing milk from September. In fact, being very rich, it risks significantly weighing down the fattest areas.

Deeply cleanse combination skin with scrubs and masks

A couple of times a week you can take care of your face by also performing peeling is moisturizing masks. A very common mistake, but one that must not be committed, is to treat each area in the same way. Combination skin, on the other hand, requires attention depending on the area. You have to counteract the excessive oiliness of areas such as the forehead and nose, without however drying out the cheeks and eye area.

mixed skin peeling

So if you want to take a moment for yourself with a nice mask, know that you will have to apply two types at the same time. In areas with excess sebum you will have to choose a more purifying product, while for the dry areas one with a moisturizing and nourishing action.

Use a toner to rebalance the sebum that characterizes your combination skin

Complete the facial cleansing with a tonic, which is essential for taking care of combination skin (but not only) especially in summer. During this season, in fact, the t-zone tends to be very oily and impure and to be polished very easily. Therefore it is important to apply a tonic after cleansing, to remove impurities, makeup residues and dead cells. In this way prevent clogging of pores and the generation of pimples is blackheads. On the market you can now find really delicate products, without alcohol, which also perform a very pleasant soothing action, indispensable when the temperatures are high.

face tonic

Choose a combination skin moisturizer with a light formulation

If during the winter the moisturizing cream it must be very rich in texture to ensure a good level of hydration all day long, in summer you have to lean towards delicacy and lightness. With humidity, heat and especially sweat, annoying pimples can appear on the face to be countered with a suitable product. So yes to very thin creams on the skin, but no less nutritious. Also, if you have combination skin, you still need to remember to opt for a product that is capable of minimize pores is rebalance the sebum. A nourishing cream, but suitable for normal skin, could give you hydration and freshness, but also increase the risk of lucidity in the T-zone.

application of the moisturizer on the face with combination skin

Never give up on sun protection

Remember to never go out without applying one Sun protection with at least SPF 50 on the face.

Any skin, not just mixed skin, exposed to UVA and UVB rays risks aging, thickening and staining.


No to aggressive exfoliants!

The aggressive exfoliants, like deep chemical peels, they absolutely are bandits during the summer. These products, in fact, increase the risk of photosensitivity is hyperpigmentation. In any case, you still have to remove dead cells and impurities that settle on the face. For this reason, we recommend that you use products containing acids AHA, like theglycolic acid.

This substance cleanses and penetrates deeply into the epidermis, making it younger, smoother and more luminous.

application of glycolic acid on combination skin

Choose light foundations for your make-up

If you can’t give up on makeup and especially on foundation during the summer, pick one from light texture which creates a very thin, almost imperceptible layer on the skin. Products that are too covering, rich and heavy, are not good at all, and are also very little aesthetic. The mask effect is unpleasant to see already in winter, let alone in the hottest season of the year when you tend to opt for nude and natural make-up!

Remember to choose a foundation that contains SPF, but it’s even better if you opt for a BB or CC cream to color your combination skin without making it suffocate!


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