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Color works in blonde hair

On this occasion I want to show you some incredible proposals of color works made especially in blond hair or very light tones, for those daring who love platinum or very blond tones, I hope you like the ideas a lot and if you are hair blond and you are looking for a change for your hair I think any of these ideas are ideal for you.

Ideas to show off in short hair

Blond hair looks much better in hair tones that naturally were blond or very clear like blond ashes, light brown, etc. It is very easy to achieve platinum tones in this type of hair because the discoloration is easier and faster, otherwise your hair can be mistreated a lot. In the gallery below you can see some of the options you have to paint your hair in this way, the most used today are the wicks balayage But there are other options, the ombre hair is still used and combining new colors, no matter if you have short or long hair, anyone is a candidate to wear a beautiful hair.

I hope you like all the ideas we find to share you, do not hesitate to share these ideas with family or friends who you think may also be interested in the subject.

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