Colored palettes 2021, the news to try and how to use them well


Summer rhymes with color and it is almost mandatory to add a colorful palette to your beauty kit. Undecided on which one? We help you

Matte or shimmer, in cream or powder, hot or cold: the novelty themed colored eye palettes there are so many and they cannot and must not be missing in your endless collection and are the basis for recreating the trendy make-up for the season.

But what are the must have for spring 2021 themed eye makeup palette? From Natasha Denona that enchants with intense and vibrant colors up Urban Decay who presented a new Naked with vegan ingredients and colors to combine for a really cool look.

Natasha Denona, Circo Loco palette

Fifteen shades with a lively and sparkling soul: the palette Circus Loco, inspired by circus characters, by Natasha Denona it is a real must have and unmissable for those who love to collect make-up. The intense and vibrant colors are divided into three large families such as blue, purple and pink with orange and all characterized by matte and metallized formulas that make Natasha Denona’s eyeshadow inimitable: a pressed powder with a creamy texture that explodes once applied to the eyelid.

Must have if: the ultra-pigmented colors do not scare you, perfect for creating long-lasting looks with a strong soul.

The make-up to copy: if the eye shadows in aqua and green tones seem too complicated to use, this make-up will make you change your mind. Use a combo of matte turquoise and metallic aqua green for the eye base, while for the points you can easily pick up the eyeshadow silver metal with a pointed brush, from eyeliner or lips, and apply it as you like.

Wycon, pastel dreams eye palette

Colored palettes scare you because you are afraid of not being able to vanish with care and the ‘stain’ risk is around the corner? It can happen, but choosing the right textures won’t happen again. There pastel dreams eye palette by Wycon, contains nine eye shadows with hybris and glitter textures with very high performance and durability.

Must have if: you love to create special effects with make-up.

The make-up to copy: if more by brush or fingers? It doesn’t matter, because this palette allows both fearless and error-free applications. Use the 9 colors to play with contrasts and create rainbow cut-crease make-up. If you feel unconfident, remember that you can always make the base face after the eyes, thus eliminating any trace of fall out.

YvesSaintLaurent, couture clutch palette spring look

The couture clutch palette spring look by Yves Saint Laurent it is spring enclosed in a box. When it comes to colors it is not necessary to think of shocking and intense shades, the range can also include pastel and delicate tones, much more wearable every day.

Must have if: you love soft colors and prefer multipurpose palettes that include blushes and eyeshadows

The make-up to copy: three colors for an eye make-up that has shading as its main technique. Purple, light blue and green: three shades that exchange and mix in an eyelook with a strong flavor. The plus? The bright applications in the inner corner of the eye to give light and character. Do not forget, then, the false eyelashes.

Too Faced, That’s My Jam Mini Palette

Mini and beautiful, perfect to hold the handbag: the That’s My Jam palette by Too Faced is a real must have for those who love fresh colors. The 8 shades, inspired by berries, offer different finsh: metallic, matte and brilliant.

Impossible, then, not to be enchanted by the blueberry fragrance of which the palette smells.

Must have if: you always want to have perfect make-up and you never give up a touch up on the go.

The make-up to copy: the pastel colors contained in this palette will make your eye make-up unique. Lilac for the mobile eyelid, a touch of pink in the crease to barely outline the shadow and to conclude a warm touch in the inner corner. Yellow, gold or ocher: the choice is yours. Don’t forget mascara of course: natural and not excessive.

Urban Decay, Naked Wild West

Impossible not to know the palette family Naked by Urban Decay and, today, the version also arrives Wild West. Particular not only for the colors contained within it, but also 100% vegan and without derived ingredients of animal origin. The shades are inspired by the California desert, Joshua trees typical of desert areas and endless skies.

Must have if: you love the eye shadows of the iconic ultra-blendable formula that distinguishes all Naked Palettes

The make-up to copy: try unexpected combinations such as copper and forest green. Also perfect for those with little skill in shades: this look, in fact, sees the use of the lighter color on the entire upper eyelid and, the darker color, in the lower outer rim. Top it all off with a pencil of the same color.

Astra, Eden escape eyeshadow palette

Straight from an otherworldly garden comes the palette of Astra, la Astra, Eden escape eyeshadow palette. 15 eyeshadows with different textures and colors: from opaque, to pearly, through shimmer and duocrome eyeshadows to be used alone or paired with other colors for a truly sparkling look.

Must have if: you want a complete palette with different colors and a truly multipurpose finish.

The make-up to copy: if you are not afraid to exaggerate this look is for you. Practice, not a little, to create a graphic eyeliner that you can directly create with the eyeshadows of the palette. Just pick up the color with a wet brush or spray a make-up fixing spray.

Path McGrath, Mothership VIII: divine rose II

A little gem that make-up addicts will love at first glance. There Mothership VIII: divine rose II palette by Path McGrath, World-famous MUA, is a mix of pink shades with the most disparate finishes. From petal pink to peach through burgundy with golden hues without forgetting bronze and champagne.

Must have if: you love particular finishes such as molten metal and eighth notes,

The make-up to copy: duochrome eyeshadows have the ability to bring out different shades of eyes and, for this reason, they can be combined with many shades of iris. Use a dewy finish for the face base and don’t forget an intense lipstick to make it more incisive.

MAC, Fighting for the beauty of fluidity

The golden Renaissance-inspired packaging is the first thing that strikes you in the palette of MAC cosmetics, Fighting for the beauty of fluidity, but what it contains is the real show. Matte, frost, luster are the finishes of the nine eyeshadows that will allow you to give vent to creativity and truly different looks for every occasion.

Must have if: the tones of gold, earth and sea conquer you every time.

The make-up to copy: if green scares you it’s time to change the rules of the game and try to give it a new chance by copying this look. Also ideal for those who want to change a little technique try to apply a touch of gold and light only to the center of the eyelid. Perfect for both green and brown eyes.

Cosmify, glitters’ eve palette

There Cosmify Glitters’ eye palette it is composed of neutral colors and extravagant colors, without ever forgetting a glitter touch to add a three-dimensional effect to the eye makeup. Four metallic colors, one shimmer color, seven matte colors, four glitter colors: a palette that will allow you to create warm or cold, matte or glitter, sober or eccentric looks.

Must have if: you love to change colors often and experiment with different shades.

The make-up to copy: perhaps the time has come to give blue a second chance, to be used both for blending but also all over on all eye make-up. Add a darker color to create an outlined and precise shape to be filled with matte blue and top it all off with a swipe of glitter of the same tone.

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