Colored armpit hair, the trend for those who no longer want to shave them


She conquered us with a touch of fuchsia under the armpits, with which The Representative of the List launched a powerful feminist message from the Ariston stage. Also giving us an unforgettable coolness lesson.

They go well with the dress and are a beautiful symbol of empowerment: the colored armpit hairs of The Representative of Lista during the second evening of Sanremo 2021 have really revolutionized the aesthetics of the Ariston stage. Shocking pink just like the Valentino dress, they are the perfect representation of non-conformism and fluidity which characterizes the music of Veronica Lucchesi. Armpit dyed hair, however, is more than just a style choice: the decision not to shave, in fact, is a real challenge to conventions, which claims hair removal as a free and personal decision and not an obligation to appear more feminine. And, given the difficulty of going to the beautician, opting for colored hair under the armpits is the most practical and fun choice for spring 2021.

The pink-colored hairs of The Lista Representative

Veronica Lucchesi’s is a rock and free soul, who has chosen a traditionally feminine color – pink – to dye her armpit hair, which has always been considered an abomination. For women, at least. That’s why this combination is particularly explosive, as well as perfect for expressing the singer’s queer beliefs. The choice to show the colored armpit hair on the stage of the Aston, in fact, was anything but an artistic whim. The feminist message – and not only that – arrived loud and clear: it is important to always be yourself, without being hindered by the opinions of others.

The Free Armpit Hair movement

Female hair removal should not be an imposition, but a choice. It is from this simple consideration that the Free Armpit Hair movement was born, which wants to free women from this type of control. An attempt already made in the 70s and now more popular than ever thanks to powerful feminist message that this gesture hides within itself. Launched by Chinese feminist Xiao Meili on her Weibo blog, it won over the stars, who turned colorful armpit hair into a practical (even) glamorous one. Among the first, Miley Cyrus opted for neon orange in 2015. Among the stars who do not shave, then, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes, Cara Delevingne and Bella Thorne.

How to dye armpit hair

If colored armpit hair has won you over, you need to learn how to do it without risk. The skin of the armpits, in fact, is very delicate and needs special attention. First, the skin must be clean and free of traces of cream and deodorant. The preparation takes place with a small amount of petroleum jelly, to prevent the color from transferring to the skin. At this point, just proceed as for a normal hair dye, perhaps by bleaching the hair before proceeding.

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