Color of the Year 2020 – Classic Blue is elected by Pantone


The Pantone Institute Just announced the Color of the Year 2020. Classic Blue, as the name delivers, is a pure, classic blue that reflects a sense of peace and tranquility. Learn more about the news:

Classic Blue is Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Classic Blue Moodboard – Pantone 2020
(Photo by Matthew Sperzel / Getty Images via StyleCaster)

Every year Pantone Institute experts conduct studies around the globe to capture the color that will be a worldwide phenomenon. For 2020, the bet is Classic Blue (classic blue, Pantone number 19-4052).

The Color of the Year 2020 is introspective as well as timeless.

In addition to fashion, this color also reflects in all areas of design and architecture. According to Pantone, classic blue refers to the sky at dusk and reflects our quest for protection and stability.

Pantone 2020 – Classic Blue
Sally LaPointe – Look All In Blue Luxury Version!

Pantone 2020 – Classic Blue will be a guaranteed success in menswear that is already in love with shades of blue

Whenever Pantone chooses a color, it goes beyond aesthetics. Since colors have the power to influence our moods and reflect our desires, the Institute's studies are made up of professionals from various fields, including psychology and history.

Shades of blue are darlings of the catwalks a few seasons ago

Thus, the Color of the Year is always a reflection of the new times and the most latent desires of consumers.

How to use Classic Blue in looks

Because it is a solid and elegant color, blue is that joker tone that is worth having the closet. Quite simply, it replaces the “little black dress” with much more style. It goes well with any look where you would use black as neutral.

Pantone Color of the Year 2020 is super easy to use!

You can also use the color circle for bolder combinations by exploring the concept of opposing colors (combining blue with yellow), neighboring colors (blue with shades of green), and even exploring the triad combination (which is the combination of three colors). that has the same distance among them in the color circle).

Explore the color circle to make bold combinations with blue
For a more modern look use the opposite color concept of the color circle, an example is combining blue with shades of yellow or orange to brighten the classic blue!
Classic Blue helps to take the neutral looks out of monotony.
In both winter and summer, color guarantees elegant looks.
Perfect inspiration for a very modern office look.

In fact, Classic Blue is one of the darling bets of the Brazilian in the party dress. Here at Fashion Bubbles we have numerous specials teaching how to combine the blue party dress with the most varied accessories. Click here and check it out!

Blue party dresses are the biggest hit.

It's also worth betting on the monochromatic combinations and, of course, the elegant tone on tone, which creates a gradient in production. For those who prefer more vibrant looks, blue blends perfectly with reds, orange, pink and even green.

Perfect inspiration for a very modern office look. Tone over blues look and purse in purple using the neighboring color combination
Analog or neighboring color combination. It is the combination of neighboring colors in the color circle. Colors can be directly adjacent or separated by one color. This combination is still aligned and chic
Triad color combination with Classic Blue. Success in street style!
Triad color combination. It is the combination of three colors that has the same distance between them in the color circle. This is a bolder and more casual combination, it gives a more informal and creative image.
In silk, the piece is even more elegant.

When in doubt, remember to always check the color circle to widen your range of creative combinations.

Camila Coelho has also bet on color.

In addition, Classic Blue is perfect for accessories. Color of the Year 2020 is surprisingly one of the easiest and most accurate of recent seasons, showing that it has everything to be instant success.

Classic Blue Accessories on the catwalk

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