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Color ideas for long hair

Long hair is the favorite of most women, few say they prefer it short, so if you are one of those who prefer extra long, I recommend you look for the best color alternatives for your hair to look more , since long but neglected hair is the same as not having it, so today I gave myself the task of looking for some color ideas that we can put in our hair if we have very long hair and the result I loved, I hope that You also like the proposals very much.

There are endless proposals that you will not know why to decide, a basic aspect that you should take into account before deciding the color of your hair is your style and personality, since your hair also defines much of you and talks a lot about your style without you having to say a word.

The favorites of the season are undoubtedly those who play with the tonality and sparkles in the hair, to give it more body and volume, also achieve a more natural tone even if it is not, I leave you with the gallery below to see all the incredible ideas, I hope you like them and put them into practice.

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