Color bath: how to do it and the best products

Bagno di colore, per chi cerca un nuovo look senza stravolgimenti permanenti

Sometimes it takes very little to give new light to your face, to change the look without distorting it. Hair is one of the strong points on which to focus attention: the cut and the color are details that can make the difference. For this reason, sometimes it is from these that we start, when we want a change.

Some women are more daring than others, but for those who do not want to try their hand at something too drastic or definitive, the color bath may be the most suitable option, also because it has the advantage of allowing more attempts and more experiments.

Impactful but not permanent, it is a non-radical change, proof of eternal undecided or perennial restless spirits always eager to switch from one look to another.

Color bath: what is it?

It is a coloring technique delicate and natural, without ammonia. Acting tone on tone, it emphasizes and enhances the natural color, giving reflections and shades with a gloss effect. The hair appears much shinier and with a much more vivid color, without opacity. The color is semi-permanent and the range of shades to choose from is really very wide. Obviously, what makes the difference is the starting color, that of your natural hair. The effect lasts from four to six weeks and does not require periodic retouching: the color fades and fades with washing.

Color bath: how to do it

On light hair you can opt for shades ranging from golden to copper to orange. On dark hair coppery reds and warm browns (the “chocolaty” ones) are recommended. While on blonde hair you can focus on honey or golden shades. The gloss is applied directly starting from the roots and then continuing on the lengths. It can be applied with a brush or with your hands, depending on the more or less creamy consistency of the product, but it is still recommended to use gloves to protect the skin.

It may be useful to proceed in strands, with the help of a flannel to keep the sections already worked in place. The product should be kept in place and left to act for about 30 minutes, a variable time also depending on the more or less intense effect to be obtained. Then you proceed with washing and dry your hair normally.

Color bath: benefits

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Dye bath is not just a hair coloring technique, but it’s a real treat, which goes to cure them and make them healthier.

Particular attention to the aspect of hair care, has the “transparent” color bath, which unlike the colored one (which is the one that enhances the natural reflections) simply has the function of regenerating the hair, nourishing it and giving it new life, normalizing the frizz effect and making the hair shinier, making the matt effect that sometimes damaged or stressed hair disappear.

DIY color bath

The application of a DIY color bathroom te is the same as a permanent dye, but is only recommended for natural hair. In fact, as already mentioned above, it is important that the starting base is homogeneous. This is difficult in the case of previously colored or regrowth hair. This can compromise the final result, for this reason, if the color bath is to be applied on previously dyed hair, it will be better to contact a hairdresser who can evaluate the differences in tone, to remove the color first and then proceed with the color bath.

However, there are very good and above all easy to use products on the market. The packs already contain everything you need, including gloves. Once you have followed the easy instructions on the packaging, that’s it.

Color bath: the best products

There is something for every taste and the advantage is that having a short duration you can indulge yourself with the attempts and show off a new hair within a few weeks of each other. Of course, it is better not to overdo it so as not to stress the hair, but a change of look every now and then certainly does not hurt.

1. Herbal Time Coloring Cream

color bath

Formula with nettle extract, 100% olive oil, resin oil and henna extracts. It protects the hair and also improves its structure, making it soft and shiny. The duration of the coloring ranges from four to six washes. It achieves almost the same coloring result in different hair types.
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2. Mariom Colored Shampoo

color bath

Tone-on-tone coloring enriched with aloe extract, which makes the hair silky and easy to comb. Gives the hair a wonderful bright color and a natural shine.
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3. SOS COLOR & GO Coloring and reflecting mask

color bath

Reflecting coloring mask, free of parabens and ammonia. Duration: 4 washes.
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4. L’Oréal Paris Colorista

color bath

Hair coloring that lasts 7-15 washes. Consult> the color guide to find the right Washout based on the starting color of your (natural) hair.
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5. Point Crazy Fashion Hair Semi-permanent coloring

color bath

Semi-permanent cream coloring without ammonia, to add highlights to the hair, darken or lighten it.
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6. Crazy Color Semi-permanent coloring

color bath

Semi permanent color lasting six to eight weeks.
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